Replacement for BC600RX receiver

30 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello :)

Really hoping someone has the answers because I’m struggling to find them….

I currently have a Salus BC600RX receiver with the RT501RF thermostat. No idea when it was installed as I only moved in a year ago. It’s been fine but for some reason they aren’t syncing anymore and after about a week of my dad and I putting our heads together we’ve found the problem to be the receiver.
For now I have done what I saw a few people suggest on another thread by disconnecting the live and neutral and connecting the two others so I can turn the heating on and off when needed as a temp solution.
When I search for a replacement of the current receiver I mainly get results for an RXBC605.
Does anyone know if the RXBC605 is basically the same receiver and just a little newer? It looks and sounds like it would do the same job and work with the thermostat I have but I can’t really find a definite answer. They are about £25 on their own so ideal for current funds!

Any advice or alternatives would be appreciated! Not really interested in the Hive or Nest type ones at the moment I don’t need it to be all singing all dancing. Just something basic

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