replacing a Randall 3022 with new electronic timer

6 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
does anyone have any idea of wiring arrangements for a Randall 3022 controller?
the new controller requires on DHW / off DHW on HTG /off HTG

any ideas gents??
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or [/url=]here :lol: :cry:
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tks for replies i had found that link to the randall danfoss site but must admit to having a few problems translating the wiring to equate to heating on/off and HW on/off any advice .......please :confused:
Not surprised you're having trouble. It's a Priority Programmer you're replacing which is less common than the current 2 channel type. Need to know what motorised valve(s) you have in the system - probably honeywell V4044C - go have a look.
im at the property tomorrow but owner confirmed that it is a honeywell but no model type
i take it the motorised valve type is critical then and i cant just wire it generically?
Right. But you should be able to wire it like W plan (see honeywell site) which is Water Priority (a slightly odd sort, in many people's minds).

I don't know if the 4044 valve body is the same as the 4073 which is the std 3 port valve (just being the head different) - or not.

W plan isn't popular. I'd be tempted to tell them the control system is obsolete and it now needs reconfiguring with a new programmer AND valve. As you can see from the wiring diag, you do already have all the wires you need in the connection box, for Y plan.
any chance of a link to the w-plan schedule?
ive been to honeywell site and cant seem to find it

many thanks for help so far

ive forgotten to mention the new controller is a randall danfoss FP715

i was hoping that with it being from the same manufacturer i could just unplug and replug new one ( :oops: :oops: )
clearly not that easy!!
the new controller has live/ neutral and 4 other connection terminals (total of 6)
wheras w plan calls for live /neutral and 5 other (total 7)
bugger :evil:
Surely the controller / programmer on a W plan requires just 4 connections in total, L, N, HTG ON and HW ON? At least that's what it shows on the Honeywell web site. Where do you get 7 from?
There are 7 in the connection strip. You might need pump live separated out too - what's the boiler?

You're going to have to label all the wires which go to the 3022, eg cylinder stat normally closed is on 3022 terminal 5's wire, and common is wire on terminal 2 , then put them on the appropriate terminals on the 715. etc etc
Cylinder stat common goes to HW ON terminal on the 715, etc

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