Replacing Bathroom Extractor Fan

14 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Just moved in to a new place. Realised that the ceiling mounted extractor fan in the bathroom is making noise but not actually doing much else. It is activated by a pull cord. There are thankfully 2 pull cords in the bathroom, one for the fan and another for the light.

My problem is finding a ceiling mounted extractor fan. All the ones I have seen on the diy web shops say "Not suitable for ceiling". Does anyone have any recommendations.

I am prepared to pay for quality, the bathroom has no windows and is not well ventilated!!!

Can anyone help?
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Does this fan have the pullcord actually attached to it or is the pullcord seperate elsewhere on the ceiling? If it's seperate, try this fan or you can find ones there that will come on when you turn the light on, but you will probably need your wiring changed in that case. I myself haven't yet found a fan with attached pullcord suitable for ceiling mounting, I think it's just not practicle. Anyway, hope this helps and for more info about ceiling fans, search this forum because there's lots of good advice here.
Thanks Ben, I was looking at that one, but perhaps I'm just being stupid. It says on the description 'Note: Pull Cord Fan (Quote D17122) is not suitable for ceiling fitting.'

Am I ok, to ignore this advice. Or perhaps I've misinterpreted in some way?

As for the question regarding the pull cord. Correct it is separate from the fan and not attached to it.
no dont ignore it, get the other one.

that link shows 2 fans, 1 with pull cord one without.

the reason you have to be carefull is the fan (with pull cord) when mounted vertical has the pull cord out of the bottom, now put the fan horizonal and its out the side. besides who wants a fan above them with a string sticking out
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I have never had any problem sourcing ceiling mounted extractor fans. My electrical wholesaler has them. What I have seen people doing in you situation (not ideal) is mount the wall mounted fan pull the cord to switch it on and then cut it off or tuck it out of the way inside the fitting.
yes but as i said, the page benthebuilder linked to has two fans, one with and one without pull cord
Oh, sorry if I caused any confusion with the link I posted! The fan that is pictured isn't a pull cord model which is the one I was referring to. As Breezer says, get the one without pullcord and remember to turn the mains off first before you change it!
not your fault benthebuilder, i read the description when i got to the link

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