Riello RDB

18 Feb 2019
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United Kingdom
Keeps locking out. Cleaned filthy filter on oil tank, replaced photocel, solenoid and jet, but it is still locking out. Restarts fine and runs for hours or even 24 hours then lock out again. It makes strange noise just before lock out light comes on.
Any suggestions what else we can try?? thanks
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HOw should we check for that and what can you do about it.... had delivery about a week before locking out started!!
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Ok have dipped tank and no water on that testing paste, put a new additional filter from tank, still no water showing.
Boiler still random locking out!!!!
Any more suggestions please ????
Intermittent lock out could be anything! Unless a component has failed and it can be proved then I would put this into the hands of a competent oil guy and this may even involve some trial and error.
Oilhead, going to try that tonight
Andy4444.. trouble is we dont know of any decent oil boiler people in our area, only service people who know less than us!

Any recommendations M25 junction 10 area??
So who is your regular service engineer? Has he said he can’t fault find an RDB?

Have you tried Social Media (Community Pages on Facebook for example) to find a recommended guy in your area?

What is the make/age of the boiler?

Here is a fault finding guide for the RDB

https://www.rielloburners.co.uk/contentfiles/files/RDB 535 Fault Finding Chart.pdf

As I say an intermittent Fault is one of the hardest things to cure on an oil burner even to a competent engineer.

Check capacitance, electrodes not cracked, electrode leads, could be a failing oil pump, failing motor or even a failing Control Box. Is the fire valve partially blocked . A vacuum gauge would prove this or you could physically break unions of oil line to ensure there is a good flow of oil.

There are so many things that I would need to check just to eliminate some of the basic reasons why this is happening

Which is why you really do need to find a good guy

If you are in an oil area then talk to other users of oil and see who they are using as a breakdown engineer
what age is the boiler? i would change the photocell as the cheapest and one of the most common failure parts on a rdb
Its been fine all night... locked out once this morning, fine rest of day. going to have another investigate tmrw night. Thanks oilboffin for suggestions, oil flow is good and will do a check for no water in the fuel pump filter as suggested by you. going to check exact age of boiler and warranty also.
thanks everyone

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