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I decided to write this blog after reading some stuff about 'roof coating' and noticing not many people really know much about it. I'm new to this blog stuff, but realise its about personal views. I have been reading comments, opinions and views about 'roof coating' and have come to a conclusion that alot of you have no experience, or basic 'word of mouth' experience within roofing, but thats my point of view.

Here's some information and my opinion why you should give it the thumbs up!! Here me out..

Years ago there was a different type of roof coating, a roof seal that completely sealed the roof. This causing the roof not being able to breath, making it damp and basically rotting everything. This was not good stuff to be using. I'm sure a high percentage of roofers agree..

So, evolution took place and somebody simply took the same paint that companies use to make the tiles and made it available on the market for other companies for home improvements. (improving your home that you spend most of your life in!) Alot of the time a finishing touch to peoples dream homes - talking from experience and feedback from customers. So why not..! The coating that we use will not seal your roof, only the individual tile.

Moss and lichen carry alot of weight when wet, causing sagging of the roof and porous tiles. How much you have on your roof obviously depends on the extra strain and weight. But believe me there is some weight when its been gathered after the wash! Moss is due to periods of damp and cool weather conditions, also more growth when not much sunlight is exposed to that part of the roof. Also bird poo doesn't help as it carries seeds which grow. Because the growth holds moisture, it speeds the wear of the tile surface, causing a sponge effect. This leads to dampness and more growth, making your roof damper longterm, causing lath and felt to be wet, causing a rotten, unsafe, probably leaking roof. Hence, could be a probable reason for a saggy roof.. any other suggestions?? It could also cause inside walls to be wet causing damp inside your home. Basically, pretty much anything wet or damp for a period of time will mould! FACT!

When the roof is pressure washed it strips the tile back to the equivalent of when it was first being made, an anti-fungicidal wash is applied all over the roof. This stops moss and lichen re-growing. The coating or 'paint' thats used has polymer in, plastic particals.

This goes into the pourous tiles and sets, locking in the anti-fungle wash. Then a second coating is applied to enhance the tile and give further protection. Making it pretty much a new tile, also a fantastic finish and great looking roof!

Why replace perfectly good tiles?? Renovate them! Keeps the cost down and stops demand for new concrete - one of the biggest users of energy. Another FACT!

It prolongs the age of a roof, by about 15 years.
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21 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
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