Saniflo toilet

31 Dec 2003
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United Kingdom
Another question...

I have asked a plumber whether I can install a toilet in a room where there is no easy access to a soil pipe so he has suggested a saniflo type toilet. What are opinions of the plumbing cognoscenti?
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dunno about "plumbing cognoscenti" but i fitted/replaced one in a restaurant and its fine..makes a small noise as the motor mashes/threads everything) but works fine

just dont have the kids throwing stuff down it as it may knacker it !
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Snowsride said:
What are opinions of the plumbing cognoscenti?

Slap him round the head and say "No! Bad plumber! Bad!" repeatedly. Saniflo pumps are unreliable, they smell, and anything such as tampons jams them (no pun intended :eek: ). You can't guarantee that no-one will ever try to flush such items.

It may be more expensive to get a "proper" soil connection, however you will save money and agro in the long-run, and it is a lot more pleasant to just flush rather than flush and hear teeth munching on your poo (unless your tastes in adult entertainment are somewhat German). Plus Saniflo-equipped toilets usually smell bad.
worked on and installed quite a few saniflo's in letting rooms, never had a smelly one yet but they are noisy and can get damaged if they are misused.
taydo said:
and can get damaged if they are misused.

Which according to Saniflo seems to include using the toilet for anything more substantial than a wee. :LOL:
I had a Saniflow in my previous house - big problem happened one winter when the soil outlet pipe the mascarated 'stuff' goes down became frozen hence burning out the mascerator motor leaving me with a v. unpleasant 'brown soup' in my lav and a big bill from an emergency plumber. If you get one installed make sure that the outlet pipe is well supported to prevent water collecting.

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