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Sealant type for Shower Panels & Flooring

Discussion in 'Tiling' started by Ripple21, 20 May 2021.

  1. Ripple21


    20 May 2021
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    United Kingdom

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, as I wasn't sure which topic heading it would come under.

    I have had problems with my shower so I have been advised by the builder to have shower panels placed behind the shower cubicle and if I wish in the whole of the small shower room (as it does need to be redecorated) so that there is no or very limited chance of water leakage etc.

    I am to get the materials - I have ordered the pvc splash panel boards (x8) for the shower 2400mm by 1000m and are 10mm thick together with the relevant hinges and corners etc.

    I am however confused as to which sealant and adhesive to get? - I thought I could get this from like wickes/B&Q/screwfix or somewhere but I am at a loss as to which would be the best one to get ( I am aware I would need white and clear ones) and how many would I need. I have asked the builder but he has not replied.

    The questions are:

    1. Is there anyone that can suggest a suitable sealant and adhesive for the PVC shower panels please and how many I would need of each, price I do not mind as long as the quality is good and it comes recommended.

    2. Is it a good idea to have Hardie backer boards (6mm ones) on top of the floorboards before having the LVT flooring done. (This would he said help safeguard against any other leaks if it was to happen again)

    Many thanks
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  3. JohnD


    15 Nov 2005
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    Crossgates, Europe
    Cook Islands
    When I was getting this, the tiler recommended a brand of panel, and the supplier had their own range of adhesives, sealants, clips and so on.

    I have an idea it was called "gold" but they had videos on youtube showing how it was fitted and their recommendations.

    He was a bathroom fitter who did the plumbing as well, not a general builder.

    In my own house I am suspicious that sooner later there is bound to be a leak or an overflow, so I have a floor that is screwed down and can be lifted up in panels to dry out or repair. Some countries have floor drains to reduce the risk of damage.

    In a previous house I had a tanked tiled floor due to a disabled person, so a chair could wheel in, and it was very troublesome when the waste got blocked and the floor flooded. I would probably have at least one extra floor drain or emergency outlet if I was doing it again.
  4. Suited72


    15 Mar 2013
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    United Kingdom
    Its not good that your builder is leaving this to you.

    Aim for 1 tube of silicone per board or you can use dow instastik. Any type of silicone is fine, screwfix own brand etc, i would use a clear. Plus get extra for the joints and trims.

    You should ply the floor prior to LVT, to level it up, its never a case of what will stop water - it won't no matter what you use. I cant see what difference backer boards would make. I can tell you that the fact he has suggested backer boards to stop a future leak, that you shouldn't really be using that builder.

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