Shaver / toothbrush 2-pin adaptors - limited use?

22 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Excuse the silly question, but if I was to acquire an EU phone with a 65w 2 pin charger, would I be able to just use a 1A shaver 2 pin to UK plug adaptor?

Or would I need to find a 13A one?
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You can use an adaptor, 1A is 230W.

However UK shaver / toothbrush plugs are not EU plugs even though they have a similar appearance. You need an EU to UK adaptor.
You can use an adaptor, 1A is 230W.

However UK shaver / toothbrush plugs are not EU plugs even though they have a similar appearance. You need an EU to UK adaptor.
yes, unfortunately it`s a near fit so some folk force them in and it doesn`t do either plug or socket much good. people do it so often and "get away with it" that it becomes perceived as "normal
I was under the impression that modern UK shaver sockets were explicitly designed to take foreign plugs.
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Many shaver sockets are designed to take an array of different plugs, they use spring contacts which will not carry much current, but will allow the use of different plugs.

The proper adaptor 1686389497094.pnghas earth connections, and also holds the euro plugs firmer, the two contact version 1686389647727.png hold the plug even firmer, there are also versions needing a tool to remove 1686389765377.pngthese are as under UK trading standards suppliers are not permitted to just supply adaptors, it needs to be fixed, but to fit plugs by cutting off EU type it would need training so the adaptor which requires a screw can be fitted by untrained personal but complies with UK trading laws.

These 1686390179132.pngare dangerous, often no fuse, insulation on the earth pin, and no shutters, but these 1686390305050.png supplied to Europe are OK as in Europe they don't have fuses in the plug, OK still no shutters, but you can understand when looking at the two how the error was made and these dangerous plugs have been manufactured.
As in mobile phone?
Presume it has a USB-C, Micro USB (Android) or Lightning (if Apple) connector ?
Use a UK adapter you no doubt already have. Or buy a decent one.
Or if you always charge in the same place, swap out a wall socket for one with USB charging.
I do find some adaptors don't charge that fast 1686395354200.png the one shown says "Two USB Ports - (2.1A shared) to power and charge devices" and other than silly iphones most mobile phones will charge from them fine. I know my pad is a little on the slow side, but my phone I charge over night.

My wife uses a pad 1686395604998.png actually the one she uses was designed for a car, came from Lidi, and that works very well, unfortunately my phone does not have that option. And using the add ons does not work as it fits in the charging port, so once fitted can't use lead option.

A charger like this 1686396071533.pngputs a lot of strain on any adaptor, specially if not cradled in the adaptor, and also strain on the socket, OK I know we all do daft things 1686396363864.png with adaptors in adaptors in adaptors, but the lot shown is sitting on top of a chest of draws, so no strain on the units, same into a wall socket would be very different.
Appreciate the replies everyone.

Was hoping to make use of the 65W fast charge of the mobile phone, but looks like either forking out for a dedicated UK charger or use an existing 33W UK charger and not avail of the 'fast charge' feature of the phone.
Probably less strain on the battery to charge it more slowly, lengthening the life of your device.
I think I may have access to a 67w charger (UK plug) that someone else has from a different brand mobile; I guess I could borrow that to make use of my phone's fast / turbo charge (65w)?
You could borrow that and time how much faster it charges than on the 25W charger you have!?

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