Shower tray set underneath backing board?

15 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi folks - first post here but a long time reader, so hello! :)

Now onto my question - would be very grateful if anyone could help! After long research I'm well aware the recommended way to install a shower tray is to do so after moisture-resistant board has already been fitted, and to seal the tray to the walls.

Our problem: in our very tiny bathroom, there's just not room to do this, for the size shower tray we want. So - I'm trying to find out, if we fit the shower tray first of all - with the walls taken back to bare brick - can we then board above the edges of the tray, tank and tile so that we've got a nice waterproofed result?

I know this is far from a perfect solution, but I've been through every other approach and can't see any other option unless we go for a smaller tray & build a false wall - and given the lack of space, losing any unnecessarily isn't an appealing thought!

However - there may be some reasons why this simply won't work - and if so, I'm hoping you can tell me! :confused:

I was also wondering what best to do with the shower tray if fitting before the boards go in - it could be seated on a scree base, but what to do with the edges...? Try and seal to the brickwork, or just leave it alone...?

Would really welcome any thoughts you might have - thanks very much for any replies!
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