slightly exposed live wire behind plug socket

18 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom

Whilst changing a plug socket' i've managed to screw one of the screws into the live wire causing some of the red (pre 2004) casing to be removed, exposing a very small amount of copper.

at the time i didnt realise this was the case so luckily my fuse box wasnt turning back on (the screw was still in the live wire) but i just wanted to know what the best fix was for this.

given how small the exposure is (less than 2mm) could i wrap some insulating tape around it as a precautionary measure or would i need to cut it all off and try and extend? the other wires (neutral and earth) are fully covered and i dont think i'd be comfortable trying to do the heat shrink method.

or is there another solution i'm not aware of...

photo attached


thanks in advance
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The chances are the copper itself is now damaged, especially since it shorted when the power was turned on.

Can you obtain any slack on the cable?

You may find you will have to cut the damaged wire just past the damaged section, and extend with a connector block or in-line crimp, and a new piece of 2.5mm2 wire.
Is there a way to check whether the wire is completely gone?

What would I need to do to fix it as I might just seek a professional!
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As sparkwright said,
cut the damaged wire just past the damaged section, and extend with a connector block or in-line crimp, and a new piece of 2.5mm2 wire.
If there's any damage to the copper you need to replace that section.
Sorry - I meant how do I check if it is damaged? Most of it is still covered in red.

I’ve just left that socket out but electrics elsewhere in the house is working
Just by looking at it. Turn the power off, and then try to get a look at is as best you can - if it's got a nick in it or there's some copper missing, then you need to cut it back, if it's perfectly round (unlikely) it's not damaged.
What people are trying to tell you is that the damaged spot on the red wire is damaged. It needs to be extended from that point with a new section unless you can pull some slack out of the wall.
Cut back wire to beyond damaged area and extend to replace lost section. Use a waggo 221 connector
all sorted. had a sparky come over and have a look. fortunately the wire was fine, some of the casing had been exposed so he covered it with an outer tube and everything worked :) thanks for the help!
Not sure what more to do? The guy tested the wire and everything was working...

I don’t think the copper had been damaged but he said because it touched metal it would have shorted...but was happy with the wire itself

Am I missing something?
Obviously we aren't there. We can't see the wire close up for ourselves. If there was a slight nick in the copper, then that wire becomes less efficient.

We therefore expect the electrician carrying out the work to check all this for himself.

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