slugs are eating my hostas

29 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
has anyone any remedies for the snails / slugs that have eaten 4 of my hostas...................... :cry:
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Try growing them in pots, but if your slugs are as greedy as mine they will climb up the sides. Then you can put vaseline round the pot rim. Slime and grease don't go apparently.
surround the hostas with crushed shells, slugs won't cross them. Also put slug pellets around the hosta to kill the existing ones, this year has been mightly good for slugs.
Used coffee grounds spread around susceptible plants may work or gravel chips or try barriers of builders sand which has a sharp texture.
Sometimes its the keel slugs that do most dange. They are very small and live below ground. The huge slugs you see on the surface are easily spotted and treated but beware those lurcking below ground. I use slug pellets underneath the foliage and surrounding area.
I grow Hostas and Cannas and found using copper tape which comes on a self adhesive roll from any good garden centre absolutely brilliant!!!
I have put it around all of my pots and have had not a single attack the snails and slugs will not cross the copper as they get small electrical charge, they hate it!
It costs about £5 for 4m :D
thats a good idea! I've got some of that tape that my wife had to do craft projects which I'll commandeer ;) I'm abit worried about slug pellets with birds getting hold of them.
thanks will try that, tried the coffee granules but with all the rain we have been having it got wash away too quick.......... :confused:
The best thing if you don't want to use pellets are those green collars like bottomless mixing bowls. Not very pretty but great at the beginning of the season when all those juicy shoots get eaten overnight. If desperate, you can put a couple of slug pellets inside and the wildlife can't get them.
Another good barrier is cat litter - much cheaper than proprietary slug stoppa types.
Finally bran is marvellous - they gorge on it and you can either pick them off or they go away and die.

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