Smelly Bathroom

18 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
Help! I have been reading all the other listings that relate to this problem. I think I have sewer gas getting into 1 of my bathrooms. (1st floor)
The smell doesn't seem to be escaping from the traps or toilet u-bend and there is no sucking or obvious draining of these either. It seems to escape from behind the loo & gaps in the boxing.

We don't have a stink pipe, but our neighbour, who is at the 'top' of the system does. I can't tell if we have a Durgo (getting technical now) as the plumbing is all boxed in. If we do it has been put in lower than the overflow of the basin, which I have read is wrong. The other bathroom might have one put in at the right height- the boxing does extend above the height of the basin.

This is an intermittant problem that seems to have worsened since more houses have been connected to the system. Any suggestions?
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Sometimes it comes UP a wc cistern overflow pipe connected into a soil pipe.
Otherwise, it sounds like the system may be short of a vent pipe :(
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Rainbow said:
Sorry, I meant the overflow pipe could be the problem...
route it thru` the wallto a visible place outside
Mmmmmmm, our walls are 3 ft thick stone. I guess this is why the lazy plumber didn't bother in the first place!

Does anybody know of some sort of filter I could cap it with before I bring in the demolition mob? Obviously it would need to let overflow water out if necessary. (Hence why I have already dismissed the wine cork option that I thought of!)
fitz1 said:
if no other option u trap the overflow.
This is a good suggestion.

However, you need to have a vent, otherwise smells will still get through the water seals.

A Durgo, even if you have one, doesn't obviate the need for a vent.
You could try a small amount of loo paper in the overflow to aid diagnosis in the interim. If there is a high-water event, it'll still let water past.

You can also get plastic "sight glass" things to go in overflows, which do have a non-return valve in them.

Metre long drills (sds) aren't the price they used to be. Can be had for well under £20 for a 24/5mm one.
Won't help with lack of vent though!
Thanks for your suggestions everybody.

I've put an old bath plug over the pipe top to try to confirm that the overflow pipe is the culprit. I'll try to get hold of one of those sight glass thingummyjigs. Is that the technical term I should use when searching plumbing merchants?

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