Sparking Gas Hob Ignition

14 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi, We were cleaning our gas hob cooker today (which has an electric ignition) today and perhaps incidentally, since then it has been sparking (making a tick noise & constantly igniting) even though the gas is off. It should only spark when the button is pressed yet it is doing this constantly of its own accord. We have tried turning the switch off at the socket but appears this only turns off the electric cooker below. The only way to stop the cooker sparking is to turn off the entire house electrics at the fuse box. How is it possible to disconnect the ignition of the hob without potentially taking the kitchen to bits (hob & cooker is built into worktop)? We ideally want to simply disconnect the ignition, although would repair it if possible? Has a wire come loose or is there a fault with the connection? Any help much appreciated...
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You need to find where the hob is wired to. If that means dismantling part of the kitchen, then that's what you will have to do. Have you tried switching off individual circuits? If you can identify which one the hob is on it might help you to decide where to look.

You'll also probably have a problem in removing the hob in order to get at the innards to try and fix the ignition problem, as it's gas, and therefore not easily disconnected/reconnected on a DIY basis....
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Most gas hobs come with a plug for the ignition. Yours is probably plugged in underneath, behind the oven - if the oven is underneath your hob. You will need to slide your oven out and have a look behind it. Turn off the oven first!
the prat that installed our build under gas oven decided to put the gas pipe termination behind another cupboard, so if we ever need to get at the back of the oven, we have to take the hob out of the worktop and take the worktop off to get at the back of this cupboard and unplug the gas coupling.

ban-all-sheds said:
Possible, but unlikely for a built-in hob.

why? i thought all gas kitchen appliances had bayonet couplings. what is the alternative? this probably belongs in plumbing now!
crafty1289 said:
i thought all gas kitchen appliances had bayonet couplings. what is the alternative?
AFAIK most fixed gas appliances have rigid pipes and compression joints.

I'm not much of an expert on gas regs, as I don't do much with gas except DIY production of it after eating curry, but I believe the regulations forbid the use of flexible connections for fixed appliances, except, of course, a manufacturer can always override that by specifying the use of a flexible hose in their installation instructions.

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