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25 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I really hope this one doesn't alienate me on the forum! :D

I live on a street where there are quite a few people who drive vans in the week. This causes a problem for me, my street is a veritable van park at night and at the weekends, magnified by the fact I don't have an easily identifiable driveway. Which means I often end up unable to park on the street anywhere near my flat (or even in my allocated parking space as some gimp seems to think the big house number painted on it is just artistic detail to the concrete hard-standing :mad: ). Since my ex changed jobs I have discovered that a lot of van drivers aren't allowed to use their company vans for personal use so have to park the van on the street and leave their driveway free for a car.

So, what I was wondering was, do any of you live in areas specially designed for tradesmen/van drivers to live? I.e. with a special van-park within spitting distance? Perhaps this is an area local government should look at when granting planning permission for new developments?
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No real answer to this problem.

One of the reasons we moved from a previously quiet suburban street to the countryside (ok, not an option for all ... but we were actually living happily in suburbia until the parking became intolerable).

Govn should definitley do something about commercials parking in the street when not at work ... on pavements too.
Have you also noticed how the vans are getting bulkier?
Must be a considerable saving for companies / businesses not to have to provide parking.
Hey, Ho. Overcrowded Island ... poor planning ... four and five bed houses without adequate parking facilities ...
It aint gonna get better .... As always we will pay a lot more, for a lot more of the same.

Oz is good ... lots of room .... Unfortunately, you are not officially allowed to DIY Plumbing or Electrics !!

But mostly have plenty of room on your property.

No, it doesn't seem to be a problem in sunny Stockport. I mean there are loads of vans, but parking is not a problem.
The odd thing is, I only moved here two years ago and there were 2 or 3 vans on the whole street. Now there are probably 15 or more. One of them is where a guy has bought a new van and often leaves the old one in my parking space. Should go and speak to him about it but he is a right nutter!

Any DIYer who has ever tried to carry anything more than 4-5 feet long in a car can appreciate that it wouldn't be possible to work in most trades without driving a van. However it is rough on those of us who end up unable to park anywhere near our homes and have to leave the car parked up the street where you can't see it or hear it.

Anyone have any solutions that would make everyone happy? Those "Transit Connect" vans seem a good compromise. Perhaps they should pass a law meaning that if your company insists you take your van home, it must be classed as a company car. Then you could use it privately. Just give them foldaway seats and it is perfect for the family runaround!
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I have the utmost sympathy.

Sounds like my old home in 'Aqua Sulis' suburbia.

I return on the odd occasion, things are even worse now !!

AdamW, the only option is to move on, give up worrying about the motor or become a bigger nutter than 1.5-Vans ! ..... Not fair .... but this situation is obviously stressing you unduly.

I wouldn't moan too much ! You could end up paying for just parking outside your property.My uncle pay £900 a year in NW8 London for a car parking permit for Mon - Friday and at weekend anyone can use it !!!
Right, it's settled. I'm going to get my 7.5 ton licence and buy myself an Iveco! :LOL:

London parking does suck. I used to live in W1, a permit there wasn't £900 thankfully, but when I came to move out I parked in a residents' bay with no permit displayed. Despite it being a Sunday and my car being the only one parked on the street I got a ticket! Really badly placed sign, if I parked one space back I would have been "fine" (no pun intended).
Nirvana is life :-

With no van drivers.

With house on top of a hill (flood free).

Where house not en route to or from a pub.

House is in an unremarkable culs de sac, preferably off a culs de sac of extremly expensive / remarkable properties.

Where perhaps, an ex Gov minister resides, with his attendant 24 hour armed guards.

Finally, in a house where a sole winning lottery ticket has just been purchased.

Any help here ?

Sorry, nose. I was responding to a troll "from the US" who posted here. Now that post has been removed, it looks like I've been digging up old threads....

MODS, you may as well delete this recent stuff and put the thread back where it was....
The OP still sounds a knob.
So what if others have more than one car / van. If it is taxed and insured they have every right.
Imagine if the house down the road, was crammed to the rafters with 30 illegal immigrants all parking their illegal vans at different times of the day and night down your road.

I think the OP had a point.
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