Steeering a bit sticky

1 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
As above...99 petrol 1.6 focus...steering isnt smooth,like the power steering pump isnt giving 100%.
If your driving slowly the steering wheel rocks back and forth slightly like a wheel is out of balance...but once moving along nicely it stops however its not smooth either side of centre(takes a slight bit more effort to initiallty move the steering wheel if you catch my drift)

Again as per my last post bushings etc all look good so im not worried about a steering rod falling off...i guess its either the rack or the pump/worn seals....just wondering what it most likely is on these.

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Its worth getting the universal joint (UJ) checked out, thats on the bottom of the steering column - they used to be notorious for losing a roller or two out of the cup bearing.
John :)
Yeah...since i posted i came across that does feel like something like that could be acausing the problem...a roller riding up onto another one and then back down.
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Johnny I haven't checked em properly they are pretty new. I will check them alright but I'm sure they ain't the issue. Steering sticks at times needs a rufht tug to get it moving!! I reckon myself it's PAS related either pump or rack
Check the tension on the pump drive belt, a slipping one can give you intermittent power assistance

Cheers Peter just put a new belt on it tensioner good too
After reading your reply I would now tend to go with Burnerman and say the U.J. is the problem.

First thanks for all the replies...have some stuff to go on now!!

I still dont think its the UJ (i hope it is tho as its an easy fix!!) because when you are driving along slowly the steering wheel jitters left to right of its own would seem to me like there is an inconsistency with the PAS system that is overcome at higher speeds.

Jacked it up tonight. Put it on axel stands and ran it in gear etc all seemed fine no inconsistency etc. I think the wheel juddering at lower speeds was down to low pressure in the tyres. Pumped em and it seems to be ok. There is still however that click/hard bit to overcome whenever I steer left initially. I don't think it's the uj tho as it is only present when the power steering pump is running.
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