Steel water main



My water main is steel (approx 1" OD or 3/4" ID). The stopcock leaks and is in the wrong place (above the kitchen countertop). I want to cut the pipe and fit a new stopcock, then reconnect to system which is all copper. Is there a compression fitting which will allow me to go from steel to copper so I can put on a new stopcock? I don't want the expense of die cutting the pipe! :?:
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Can you see the bend to which the upright pipe with stop cock is attached to? If so you could buy a nipple (galv iron) then screw the new stop cock to it (ohh errr) then pipe away with copper after it.
Thanks for the idea, but I need to shorten the pipe as it is above the kitchen countertop at the moment! I've done an internet search and there is a plastic compression fitting available. But it demands a straight cut. Can I cut steel pipe with copper pipe cutters? Also the steel pipe is slightly pitted. Excuse my reticence, it's just that I share an outside stopcock with my neighbours and if I mess up, it's not just me who has no water! :idea: Maybe I should call a plumber!
Another idea for you, can you see a joint that the upright pipe is screwed into i.e elbow/bend, tee piece or socket that is below the worksurface? if you can you can unscrew the upright ensuring that the water is turned off first at the outside stopcock. You will need a pair of stillsons( pipe wrench)about 14" long if it's 1" pipe for this. When pipe is removed use the required size male copper to iron in the joint you have removed the pipe from using P.T.F.E tape then pipe away with copper and locate your new internal stopcock where you want it to be under the worksurface.
With the pipework being pitted it is best to renew.
For your additional information you cannot use copper cutters on iron pipework best to use a hacksaw.
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No joints I'm afraid, and concrete floor, so I'll have to cut it. I'll use a hack saw and make sure I cut it straight.

What is 28mm Conex? A compression fitting?
sparkyspike said:
Ok, I will. Wish me luck.....

And make sure the pipe is well fixed above it.

Brass male plates and munson rings are best
because the pressure could cause the copling to pop off so the bunsen ring is a anchor to stop the movement ;)
Ah, I see. Any electrolytic problem connecting steel to copper?
Thanks for all your help. I fitted a Philmac Universal Coupling today. It took a bit of tightening but no problems. :D

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