Stone Sill Crack

27 May 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

Hope you can help me in. I have a crack on my Stone sill window. I am no DIY expert and looking for a product which is ready made. Not sure if one exists, if someone can point me in the right direction.

Attached is a image of the crack.

Many thanks in advance.


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It seems to be an unusually large crack. I think the sill may need replacement rather than filler.

How old is the house, and how old is the window?

Has it suffered trauma, such as scaffolding or a fat window cleaner standing on it?

Stand back and take a wider pic please (hopefully one that will display the right way up!)

And one from underneath.
As lostinthelight, above.

If you zoom in on the image [Right click get the image, left click and choose "save image as" ---] you can then really zoom in !!

It is a Concrete or reconstituted stone sill, the embedded reinforcing has corroded, the rust is destroying this sill.

Sorry Filler is useless, the sill needs to be replaced.

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Thanks Guys for the very quick reply. Such a shame I am not able to fill it, this sounds like an expensive job to get this fixed.

Can I not add cement to prevent it from being further damaged?

The house / Windows are 20 years old, I think what has happened is someone has pressure washed this and caused damage. I will upload another picture now, hopefully this is okay.

Is there a company you can recommend? I am based in Leicester.

Thank you


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Looks like it’s snapped front and centre by someone stepping on it which means it’s lost all integrity.
If this sill is a so called "Slip Sill" === a concrete sill that just slips under the window then the "fix" may not be too difficult.

Any chance of images of each end of the damaged sill??

Hi Guys,
Sorry for my late reply, please see the attached pictures

Hope this helps


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Oh I have to purchase a new sill, can my current one not be fixed (based on the pictures)

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