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13 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
Please could somebody help me clear an issue up?
I have asked this question to NAPIT, NICEIC and ELECSA and received different responses form each.
I hold C&G 2381, C&G 2391, HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
I have been asked if I can carry out some testing and inspection on some properties and thereafter issue periodic inspection certificates for the properties.
I have not committed myself to taking on the job as I do not know if I hold the correct qualifications.
With regards to the competent persons scheme, as I am not actually carrying out the remedial work or installations, I am only testing and inspecting it, do I need to register with an approved body and complete a competent persons scheme.
I am not employed by an electrical contractor anymore, and would be doing this work as an individual.
I am at a loss as to where I stand.
Please could somebody give me the correct information and inform me of what I need to do?
Thanks in advance.
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You don't need to be in an approved body to test, or even hold any particular qualification and it is not within the scope of the building regulations, you only need to be competent at doing it. However the person requesting the PIR may stipulate some requirements themselves, NICEIC approved contractor is a common requirement, Also think about why they want a PIR done, there is a certain shift of liability there, so you'll want professional indeminitny insurance to cover you if you miss something you should have spotted (Thats in addition to public liability insurance... which covers you incase you drop your tester on a mantlepiece of expensive crystal...) Your PI insurance might also have some stipulations as to what qualifications and registrations you should hold.
does your HND get you any sort of extra grading, with say for instance JIB?
Thanks for the information.
If all the issues you state are in place, i.e. PI insurance and PL insurance,does that mean that I just have to send a copy of the test certificate to the local building authority, and then that is it?
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Dear JackTheCat,
I'm not sure what my HND does and does not do for me. As I say, I am totally at a loss here, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'm hoping Adam_151 information is correct as that would make me feel a lot more assured.
Lastie said:
If all the issues you state are in place, i.e. PI insurance and PL insurance,does that mean that I just have to send a copy of the test certificate to the local building authority...

Unless the client is the local authority they are unlikely to have any interest whatsoever in the outcome of an inspection.

The key phrase here is 'person ordering the work'. That's who you do the inspection for and that's the only person you should have to deal with.
Dear ban-all-sheds,
NAPIT siad I had to be registered with a trade organisation, ELECSA said my 2391 would be sufficient to issue periodic inspection certificates and NICEIC said it is the responsibility of the person oredring the work.
Is it me or is it totally up in the air???????
NAPIT are wrong.

God only knows what NICEIC meant....

ELECSAs advice is sound - your 2391 is useful, and if recent, would justify you signing a PIR or EIC to say you'd done it properly. There is however no legal requirement for you to have any qualifications at all.


1) Prudence dictates insurance, and the insurers may well dictate 2391, or membership of a trade organisation.

2) If it's all gone tits-up, and you are gripping the rail, and the prosecuting counsel says "Mr Lastie, will you please tell the court why you believed you were competent to carry out electrical inspections?".....
I`ll go with Ban on that,
He is usualy right (Much to the iiritation of others sometimes LOL),
I`m glad ELECSA gave you correct advice (i`m with them as my sheme provider) actually they do offer their their DI`s an assesment in PIR`s as an option not to be a requirement to do PIR`s but as an extra enhancement for the end user if the DI requires (and pays the fee for )it.
Pretty fair on the face of it methinks. In fact my assessor asked last time if I do PIR`s and I answered almost never and He was fine with that and just reminded me thaty they could assess me if I wanted them to.

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