Texecom Control Timers - How to arm the garage at night?

The panel circuit connections are in effect, feed & return.

For a Pos loop, a Pos fed to the 'return' side of the pair will make the pair 'closed circuit', likewise with the Neg side.

Over the years I've done this as a temp repair, many times, until the work can be completed correctly, usually the fault of decorators, builders etc.
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all you are doing is making sure the zone see the closed and open controlled by the state of the output at the return side of the zone.

The solution is to make the control timer arm and disarm without making any noise or limit it to a minimum.

The next step is to automate the system so it doesn't disarm the system when hes away.

The easiest way probably is to use a custom output,
1. control timer then
2. as full armed area A,
3 not used inverted
4. not used inverted

this way the system will not disarm when the control timer is ready to disarm if area A is armed indicating they are away and they don't need any other intervention. Its automatic.

Just need to double check how it works on his system so we can tweak if necessary, because if the system is part armed may or may stop it from working as intended, but I suspect it wont as we are using full armed A, don't have the same panel available so it has to be tested his end to confirm.

other solutions that could have been tried would have resulted in compromising on something else. Still trying to think of a simpler solution that would give him everything he needs without compromising on anything.
Why not do all this the simple way, when you go to bed & turn on your house alarm, turn on the garage at the same time?

Or, wire the garage through a Scantronic Zone Omit Unit, you can have the garage on 24/7 then. (I hate that term, 24/7)
not sure what your getting at Europlex as I don't see how that meets what he wants. May be if you can explain I can understand how his needs would be met.

he would manually need to intervene with omit unit?, this way its taken care of automatically and users what he already has.
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To be honest don't really like the idea of automated arm and disarm of a area what happens when he is away on holiday ? All I do is code area b ( 2 ) to set mine from house keypad and turn it off by garage keypad when I go into the garage ! Worked fine for me in the last 5 years.
That's the point this is what he wants

When he goes on holiday the custom output solution should stop the garage disarming
What do you think the ZoneOmit unit is going to do.

Using that the alarm can be 'on' all of the time.

When the main system is off and someone enters the garage a notification will be given.

If the main alarm is on, a full alarm will occur.

So much easier than messing around with timers, custom outputs etc.

All I'm getting at is that my solution is easier & safer from being turned off inadvertently.

Simple is always best.

Apart from that it is always 'on'.

Don't you know how the Zone Omit works?
If it's worth doing ! Do it yourself with your own fair hands ! Lol or fingers then it's nobody else fault ! Lol
present your option for the poster to consider.

The panel is in the loft and the keypad is in the hallway I believe. There is one detector in the garage.

if it meets all there requirements and its simpler I am sure it will be implemented, so it be win win.

May be I am over thinking the customers requirements and its blinding me of the simpler option that still meets his needs rather than his stated requirements.

I have sent Kevin the way i would use the omit to shunt out the garage detector and asked him if that solution will do him as its certainly simpler but not exactly what he was asking for and also a few things to consider on location and wiring of the omit/shunt unit.

Basically everything on A
zone x omited for the night set
garage zone wired up to the omit/ shunt

No control timers, no outputs, not extra zones required. Simpler but not exactly what he asked for.

May still have to tweak if the garage needs to be armed seperate to the main house but nothing megga be another part set or seperate area for garage.
guys I can't thank you all enough for spending time thinking about this for me.

Just to clarify my requirements:

The alarm for the house is not normally set at night (young baby, coming downstairs for milk in the night etc) UNLESS I am away, then my wife would be able to part arm downstairs.

It is true I could just manually arm the garage every night and I am just being lazy. However, I know I want it alarmed every night, it is generally very unlikely (but possible) that we would want to go into the garage in the night, so auto arming it between e.g. midnight and 6am seems (at least to me, an amatuer) a good idea.

I need to re-read all your posts to fully understand the suggestions. I will get back to when I have a few minutes to think about it!

Thanks again
No control timers, no outputs, not extra zones required. Simpler but not exactly what he asked for.

May still have to tweak if the garage needs to be armed seperate to the main house but nothing megga be another part set or seperate area for garage.
For goodness sake, use your imagination, the zone omit wired to the a/t side of the alarm system (always on), daytime garage gives a/t fault if not isolated correctly before entry.

Night time, (alarm on), full alarm if not isolated correctly before entry.

By the way, simpler is best.

[Gate needed at top of stairs]

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