The Doctors today ....



I have had a check-up this morning ,blood pressure ,blood test , urine test ,
this was due to my diabetes check up an see how my attempt at getting off the demon drink ,

this week I havent had a drink ;)

When I went in I was told by the dragon receptionist my GP wasnt going to see me . ...
which was odd !

My comment to her "why has he fallen out with me? ! "

the nasty old b*tch scowled an said "the Doctor is far to busy to see *you* so the nurse will see you ,! "

I thought nothing of it ,
an I was VERY HAPPY when this young sexy lady in tight low cut blouse an short skirt an nice long stocking clad legs told me to follow her into the treatment room , waaayhayyy :) :) :)

almost nothing like the old rat bag nurses he has there .....

she then asked me to take off my sweat shirt ,

my blood pressure was slightly high ,
maybe me peeping down her cleavage as she pumped it up
(the pressure machine ,lol)
had something do with it .. :) LOL

she then used a tester thing on my sample ,
an then she tried to get some blood , OH DEAR !
well my veins are terrible ,
an I can never give blood ,

she was getting flustered now as she couldnt get a vein ,
an as she moved about between my legs leaning over me ,
I couldnt help but to have a good look at her lovely boobs ,
she said she would leave it , after 7 attempts OUCH !

she then launched into some kind of sales spiel about these drug trials,

I told her I didnt want to be on them ,
she was then all questioning an all upset , LOL

I told her I had come for a check up NOT to be a guinea pig,

She then went all funny an snooty on me ,
I dressed an left ,

I went to the receptionist an "Played Blo*dy Hell !"
an said in the packed waiting room
"why were they sending me for drug trials ,
an I come to see a nurse an get some flirty bimbo who can't even take a blood sample proper ...! ?"

the receptionist was all "back up an nasty "

I then told her "I want an appointment with my GP an I will discuss with him wether I make a complaint too the Manchester Health Authority ! "

she was all calm an nice as pie then the cheeky old cow ...
I ask you ,I go for a check up an they let a drug rep-nurse try to talk me into trails , flaming cheek ..
old Gupta will get in the neck when I see him too
from what I hear about this ,the GP an surgery use patients as test subjects an the drug firms pay them for the test subjects ,lol
cheeky Bast*rds

thinking about it later I am more upset that in my Drs eyes Im just a washed up drunk guinea pig...hmm :( :( :(

( I darent tell my wife as she will be down there giving him a Good Hiding
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I'm afraid we are the guinea pig, the Gp's are on a commission to try out the drugs on anybody.

its plain wrong ...ok if the drug companies are paying the Pensioner/person but not the greedy GP an they are kept up to date with FULL CHECKS

have you been pinning for my wonderful side splitting wit Petal ....? ;)
or is cause I said I can get those mighty erections still ? lol

I still dearly miss my old mate here Julie L/B ... :( :(
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Moz if she had brushed against you quite often accidently of course ;) would you have taken her pills home with you just so you could get examined again :LOL:
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