Toilet direct into soil stack

24 Nov 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi , I'm currently re doing our ensuite and need toove the toilet a few meters on the existing external wall .
At the moment the soil waste exits the wall and there is a 90 Deg bend and this falls down into the stack .
Where we want to move the toilet is literally dead in line with the centerline of the outside soil stack .
Can I just connect directly into the stack with no elbow and is there a fitting for me to do this ?
Thanks in advance
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Thanks , I was looking at exactly what you've shared in the link .
My only concern is that the joint on the coupling would be inside the wall where my toilet pipe inserts into it .
My hole through the cavity would have to be a bit bigger than standard if that makes sense ?
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Let the horizontal pipe into the stack just extend into the room so the right toilet and pan connector and the joint should be inside the room.
In my case, luckily, the base of the soil pipe sits a little way out from the wall.
This meant only the depth of render had to be removed for the joint to sit properly:
How far out is your stack?
Let the horizontal pipe into the stack just extend into the room so the right toilet and pan connector and the joint should be inside the room.
Ah! If its the joint into the branch your concerned about and the stack isnt far enough away as in RandomGrinch pic you could use a solvent weld branch but may need slip couplings to get it in. Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping Product Feed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=10764&gclid=CjwKCAjwh5qLBhALEiwAioods05iaNXxorY-EUci1ECtYszbVa58g6AWILZGAvYyD9PBAfMPag1arhoCxZoQAvD_BwE
The branch seems quite close , I think I'll be able to get it to fit ,it's just that the socket will be inside the wall a bit .
I just didn't know if this was best practice .


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It won't be an issue, especially if you use the solvent weld version that lostinthelight suggests.
The exterior hole will just have to be finessed a little! :)
If thats the branch on the end of the horizontal run then it may be too low in its present position as it will be lower to get fall from the present toilet making it too low for the new one.
It needs a straight on pic from futher away to see how congested all the fitting on the soil are.
Thanks mate , I was worried about the height .
There is virtually no fall on the horizontal run but I know what you mean , the stack has 4 wastes bossed into it and it's a bit if a mess .
The uppers bossed section is now redundant as I e got rid of the wall hung sinks inside .
I may be better cutting the whole section out and use a slip coupler with the new branch ?


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Thanks mate , the drop from the horizontal pipe to the branch is around 30mm .
I was hoping that the 2.5 Deg from 90 would help gain a bit of height going through the cavity etc then I could use an offset pan connection ?
Or should I bite the bullet and cut the whole section out ?
Cut where the arrow is as it looks like a solvent branch ,get a new bossed branch ,slip coupler then the 92.5deg branch ?


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Cut where the arrow is as it looks like a solvent branch ,get a new bossed branch ,slip coupler then the 92.5deg branch ?
If the connector below the toilet branch is live and the one above,dead? then Id try and leave the lower undisturbed . Cut the stack above existing push fit branch to remove the dead part and make good after new solvent weld branch is fitted.
It looks as if you may be able cut the soil above the lower leaving enough length to engage inside the seal of the slip coupling but you need to check levels.Then make your hole through the wall at the height to suit your toilet, temporarily fit the horozontal pipe on the new SW branch ,then measure down to the top of the pipe you cut on the stack , cut a new length to suit and hope theres enough length to slide the slip coupling fully on it , temp fit into the branch and check it all is correct with the short length through the wall at the right level for the pan.
glue the lower vertical and horozontal lengths into the branch, slide the slip coupling onto the vertical leg ,push horizontal through the wall, slide the SC down onto the stack to make the joint.
Chamfer all cut pipe ends and lube the slip coupling and fit support bands if needed
Thats how I would approach it but Im not a pro and may have overlooked things so make your own mind up.:)
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