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1 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
I need to purchase TRV's for my new radiators and there seems to be a lot of choice and price between models.

The overall plan is to have the Hive smart modules installed. From what i read they fit to a standard TRV. As such i just need a quality standard cost efficient TRV.

Are the expensive options better products or are you just paying for the looks. Can you recommend a suitable valve.
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IMI Eclipse are excellent, with built in flow setting for easy system balancing and good valve authority

Hive isn't very intelligent, there are better systems out there
Thanks. Separate question then what is the best system to use. I had been led to believe hive was a decent choice. As its a new system I can go with anything. Want to get it right
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What are the benefits of the IMI eclipse valves. I have done some reading but don't fully understand what they provide over standard valves
Sorry, didn't realise it was a new system. They do packs with lockshields included...

The Eclipse valves have a special cartridge inside which allows you to set the flow rate through the radiator. This ensures the correct differential between flow and return temperatures is maintained, making the whole system more efficient. It also ensures the whole house heats up at the same rate - you don't get some rooms getting warm before others.

What boiler do you have, or will that be new too?
Thanks muggles. I will get those ordered for the rads.

The entire system will be new. I was planning on coupling a WB Greenstar 8000 system boiler with an unvented cylinder (Heat Sadia or similar). Does that sound ok to feed a 4 bed house (5 rads upstairs & UFH downstairs) with 2 bathrooms.

If Hive is not great, what would you recommend for the controls?
Separate question then what is the best system to use.

I have Tado TRVs on my rads. I like the system overall. Batteries last a long time. App is good and has plenty of useful features. You do need to pay 2 quid a month or something to enable things like automatically turning your heating on/off when you are out of the house or on the way home.

I think there is probably not much in it between them though.

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