UPVC Door jammed closed

25 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a problem with a UPVC door that will not open. The multipoint lock mechanism is a Fuhr, and from memory it has 4 rollers, 2 bolts and a centre bolt/sprung latch. The mechanism was making a terrible crunching noise and now the door will not open. Key turns in the lock ok, and the rollers and bolts appear to release as you can pull the top and bottom of the door slightly when unlocked. The centre bolt/latch does not appear to be fully retracting and therefore the door will not open. A locksmith has come out for a look and he reckons some internals in the multipoint mechanism have gone (stripped gears?). I can probably get a replacement multipoint mechanism, but I can't get the door opened to fit it! The door has 6 hinges and what appears to be a screwdriver slot on the top of the hinge pins. Is it possible to remove the door from the hinge side, or could I strip the panels off the door to get in to the mechanism to try to push the latch back?
I don't know how old the door is, but was here when we moved in 7 years ago. The lock cylinder was replaced 5 years ago.

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Hi, you've got a real problem. Yes from experience the gears probably have gone, and getting replacements may be easier said than done as there as dozens of slighly different designs, and not many are interchangable.

The screw on top of the hinge will be for vertical adjustment. Ie to lift/lower the door a little when fitting. It would be worth trying the adjustment screws to see if they come right out, if they do, then you may be able to pull the hinge apart and pull the door off, BUT you may still not be able to remove the door due to the locking mechanism on the front edge:(.
I'm afraid, without actually seeing it, you may well be stuck and have to have the whole thing ripped out and replaced. Sorry!
roobarbthedog is your door a full panel door or half and half, only if you take the panels out it will allow you a bit of bend in the profile that may allow the rollers to pass the keepers. If not the only other way is to burst the keepers by putting force on the point of roller meets keeper in lock position this is done with fast continuous force (i have done this) if no midrail fitted may not need to do this as bend in profile may release it warm day is better to do this than cold day as profile is more plyable when warm specially for shoot bolts.A Medium size crow bar is ideal for this process as more force is applied to the small area by leverage put rag round crow bar to protect profile (minor scuff marks can be removed by cream cleaner and buffing )An ideal tool for taking the beads out of door(trims that hold glass in)is a putty knife slide in centre of bead and lever up till it unclips then lift out.To replace locate in profile and knock in with rubber mallet avoiding glass/panel . If necessary to order part(LOCK) once removed secure door by screwing frame to casing any holes can be filled with plastic filler then refit panel to secure .

Hope this is of help cheers chris

:( Not be as hard as it sounds :)
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We eventually gave up and got a double glazing repair company in. They popped the beading and got the door open. Luckily I had remembered in advance the make of lock and the type (4 roller, 2 bolt, 1 locking latch). The company carried spares and only had to replace the middle section of the mechanism. Total cost £141.

I probably could have got the door open but would then have had to have sourced the part myself, and may not have been able to close or lock the door. I'll be taking a note of the lock model (and other door locks) for future reference.


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