vauxhall combo 53 plate engine light

27 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
So I have the above work van, about 6 weeks ago I had the little car with a spanner come on and off intermittently. I had a head light out, a brake light out and changed both thinking it may be linked. Still on so I took it to my mechanic who plugged the computer in. He said a couple of things were showing, something to do with the diesel pump and baronmeter?? He did not even know what this was. The van seems to be running fine. Any ideas??

I did have a full service and timing belt done about 4months ago but am dubious whether if all filters were changed.
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No connection between this lamp and your lights, I'm afraid......more likely the problem will be with the EGR valve system. This allows exhaust gas to be rebut not in the engine to reduce pollution, and they are the no.1 suspect with symptoms like this .
John :)
hello john, I did read someone it may be the map sensor? Is that to do with the air intake etc. Could I change one easily enough. I have ordered a code reader so I can take a look myself again
Certainly this device is involved with measuring air pressure in the air intake could be at fault, it's easy enough to replace but there's no guarantee that it is the problem unfortunately. Personally I'd leave things as they are until it gets worse!
John :)
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yeah its not causing me no grief, it goes on and off. I will leave it for a while.
You don't say what engine it is?

Rear brake lights blowing might cause spanner light to come on. We had this on holiday in the same-generation Corsa-C, light would go off if stood on the brake pedal! It's a 'feature' of a code which is part of the sensing circuit for the brake light switch on certain engines.

I don't think that's your problem here though but barometer is definitely a pressure sensor. You're on the changeover for diesel engines in these but earlier ones are screwed into manifold and can get sooted/oiled up.
I had spanner light on which garage diagnostics said related to egr valve. Had the problem for about two years but never gave in performance problems which made me dubious it was egr valve. Got Haynes manual (Corsa) and swapped out the valve (new one from ebay) which is quite doo-able - mainly unbolting bits and bobs and then bolting them back in again. However, i also took off the inlet manifold which was absolutely crudded up with carbon deposits and gave it a good clean out. No spanner light since. My engine code is Z13DT.

My garage wanted £225 plus VAT to change the EGR valve. I did this and more (fuel filter, manifold gaskets, coolant sensor) for much less than this. EGR was about £80 from ebay seller. I am just a DIY mechanic and, following Haynes manual and with careful planning was able to do it without any real difficulty. I would rate it as a competent DIT mechanic level.
it is a 1.7 di thinks!

I once had a problem where the van wouldn't start and kept cutting out. After some research I removed the ecu?? the computer board and re soldered a dry joint. Its worked for a year since, could that be going again?
I have bought an obd code scanner and will give it a go tomo.

I have a Haynes manual, maybe I will clear out the intake manifold and sensor......if can find it!
Yes I'd definitely recommend a code reader. There are several out there including cheap copies of some very good ones on ebay.

It's entirely possible the fault is connected to the pump edu on the back of the engine again, as you have to get the pins pretty hot to do an effective repair which goes down to both layers. I used a 200W soldering gun on mine,which definitely did the trick as it's now had 2 years trouble-free motoring.

Your repair is probably fine though. The pump fault code (usually spill valve) would have come up when the engine was failing to start/stalling, as this the code usually associated with the EDU failing. If the codes weren't read/cleared at the time then it will stay in there indefinitely, so this 'legacy' fault would have been what the garage saw.

The pressure sensor is in an awkward place IIRC, hence the recommendation to get a code reader and double-check. Otherwise best of luck.
good old vauxhall have a Brake Test which will give you the fault codes stored in the ECU save the code reader

With keys out of ignition -
press both brake & accelerator pedal at same time and keep them pressed to the floor....

insert key and turn to 2nd click - ignition on but DONT START THE ENGINE

Keep both pedals pressed throughout the procedure....

the EML will flash just like previous models using the paperclip

You will probably find the light flashes 10 times first then a pause then another number, a pause, another number, a pause then another number of flashes.

I say 10 times for the first one as 10 flashes = a ZERO on the fault code and most engine related faults range from P0001 to P0999

If for instance u have the following sequence

10 flashes
3 flashes
10 flashes
10 flashes

this equals 10,3,10,10 which in turn equates to 0,3,0,0 or P0300 which in turn is "Multiple cylinder misfire"

10 is the only number that becomes another number
1-9 flashes remain a 1-9 code if that makes any sense

The newer car with show the code on the odometer
knock off the last 2 digits to get the p code
ie codes
P0335 = Crankshaft Sensor
P0380 = Glow Plugs
P0520 = Low oil Pressure
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