Vista to XP "downgrade" - can I do this legally?

10 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
I have just bought a new laptop which came with OEM Windows Vista.

However, because the purpose of this laptop is to take out DJing, I want an OS which is 100% stable. Vista hasn't crashed on me yet, but I'm a cynical kind of guy and the reviews aren't good, I'd ideally like to wait until at least SP1 until I trust it...

My home desktop machine has XP, and since a recent re-format it's running sweetly. My question, then, is this:

As I see it, I have paid for 2 legal licenses on 2 machines; one for XP, one for Vista, albeit both of them OEM licenses. Is there a way I can use my XP disc to install on the laptop in place of Vista, and would it work (and activate) properly, given that I would need to be on-line with both, and need to use stuff (including Media Player 11) that requires Genuine Advantage?
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I don't think it is quite that streight forwards, 2 versions of XP using the same key might work but is illegal. I don't think you can use a Vista key with Win XP either. You can probably buy an oem version of XP for about £50, though when you install XP expect it to completely wreck the boot files for your version of vista already on your computer, you have to install windows in the order of age for a dual boot to work properly unless you have some sort of program like partition and boot magic.
It will work,but is illegal.
The problems will come when you try to update/register any microsoft applications, including Windows XP, it will then try to validate the key...... :eek:
If you have any of the Vista Home Editions, then it is NOT legal to downgrade them without purchasing a new license. However, if you have purchased a machine with a Business Edition, you can legally downgrade them using an XP license that is is use on another machine, or, if you don't have an XP key, you can contact the MS Licensing guys, who will help you to downgrade.
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OEM licenses tie the OS to the current installed spec so cant be transfered to another machine,hence you can buy an OEM copy of Vista/XP for about £55+ vat but you can only install it on one machine and not then on another if your pc blew up etc.
If you have a retail copy of Vista/XP you can transfer it to another machine and activate without problem so long as its only installed on one machine at a time,hence the cost of £150+vat approx.
thats how i read into this license stuff.
If you need XP on your laptop that much buy a OEM copy since its not that expensive.
ninebob - what is the model of the laptop?

I have HP and Dell XP Pro CDs (and some HP restore DVDs) which are BIOS locked so they are 'pre-activated' The HP one will work on all HP and Compaq PCs.

We use these CDs to down grade from vista for our clients all the time.