Vokera excell 80sp Return-flow Valves

21 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
I need to change the return valve and flow valves of my boiler.(Both are leaking after being disturbed) In fact the control sheared off the return one and there was not any excessive force used! I presume that these have sat in the open position for so long that they did not like being disturbed.

My question is : is this a simple enough task for me? I'm a competent engineer but am worried about refilling the system with prohibitor etc.

Should I just call an expert in?
After all that's why there are bakers and butchers! :LOL:
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If you had asked here first then we would have told you not to touch them.

Its not a job which I enjoy but how easy depends on end float in the pipes.

it's an easy job to do.requires new fibre washers as well.you might not require inhibitor if the boiler is at the high point of the system, you would only need to drain a small amount of water from the heating circuit. if you haven't added inhibitor to the system for a few years now should be the time to do it.easiest way is via the filling loop with a concentrated inhibitor fernox or sentinal brands.
Thanks for your help and info with this.
I've decided (well her indoors has!) that we'll get the pro's in.

Really frustrating :oops: , all I did was change out the diaphrams and the diverter o ring ,as I wasn't getting any hot water.(Diaphrams were melted!)
Unfortunately I did it by the book and switched off the flow and return valves.( If only I knew!-If we had eggs we could have ham and eggs if we had ham!)
Just go's to show - experience is 90% of fixing stuff!
Feel really sh** about it all now as it's going to cost!

Like I said that's why bakers are bakers and butchers are butchers!
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In reality all you probably needed to have done was the big diaphragm by turning off the mains water inlet.

I dont remember the layout of the heating valves but if they are seperate types fitted vertically then its better to change them for full flow lever valves as the screw slot types are very poorly made and start leaking.

Wiggling the slots will often stop or lessen the leaking.


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