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Washing machine woes

Discussion in 'DIY Disasters' started by stealthwolf, 11 Sep 2021.

  1. stealthwolf


    20 May 2015
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    United Kingdom
    Got some building work coming up. Dishwasher relegated to garage for storage. Washing machine went into its place. At least that was the plan. Inlet seemed long enough but drain outlet was too short and on the “wrong” side of the machine.

    Googled washing machine drain extension. Got a hit off screwfix. Looks good so bought it. Turns out it was just the drain hose and it was the same length as the one installed in the machine. wickes has one so got the drain hose but the WM drain rubber needed trimming. Hose clip wouldn’t hold enough for whatever reason and took far longer than it should have. Eventually done. Now it turns out the inlet pipe is 6” too short. Facepalm. Off to screwfix again for a longer pipe.

    I started at 1PM. It’s now half 4!
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