Water leaking from down pipe

21 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if someone could help me. Everythime we have a shower or bath, water is leaking from down pipe by the seal. What would you advice us to do? Reseal the pipe?


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Looks like you have a coupler that's leaking and may need that section looked at, the pipe above it may need lifted to get access to the coupling and reseal, would recommend getting a professional in to investigate.
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On a second look I think it's a piece of Pitch Fibre which was the wonder pipe for underground drains in the 60's . Now I know a large number of houses in Hailsham, E.Sussex (assuming your location is correct) have this pipe used for soil/vents. And on the outside of houses they look like black bananas on the walls with grey streaks where the joints leak ! Am I anywhere near with my deductions?
That'll be a man with local knowledge :)

I seem to remember that pitch fibre was mentioned in the HSE asbestos notices, or am I wrong?
You are right, we are living in East Sussex in a maisonette. What do you think we should do?
Well if you feel confident and there is not anyone else's toilet going into the pipe - you could cut the pipe say 1metre above the ground ( with a cheap woodsaw) then pull it out from the ground carefully. Replace with a length of black plastic and an adapter into the underground pipe- then a fernco rubber joint ( comes with 2 jubilee clips built in to tighten ) on the join between the plastic and pitch fibre. All this kit can be bought at Wickes. It' not going to look pretty but it's a lot cheaper than replacing the whole soil pipe . BUT you might have some limited luck with a gutter seal ( in a mastic gun tube)
My pipe is not a sewer pipe though. Is it still possible it is a Pitch Fibre? Can i just not replace the seal?
I would also wonder if there is a blockage further down.

But regardless, its probably going to be necessary to cut the pipe above as detailed above.

But then use a hose to fill the pipe to see if it is blocked further down.

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My pipe is not a sewer pipe though. Is it still possible it is a Pitch Fibre? Can i just not replace the seal?
Can you send a picture of what it is from a distance - I was guessing from what I could see.

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