Weird Tuning ?

8 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
Hello All,

Please can someone explain what is going on here ?

I had an flat screen analog connected to a sony freeview box, connected to an aerial in my loft. It fed nothing else only this one tv in the bedroom.
Tuning in was easy - got all the freeview channels I think, well all the popular ones anyway, life was fine.

Just purchased a new Toshiba combo, tuned it in on the downstairs aerial, picks up everything - no probs. (also have sky downstairs as well as the old analog aeriel that's been up for years.

Plugged it in upstairs, plugged in the loft aerial (as the previous one was) did an auto tune and it only found North West group 2 stations (itv etc>>).
I then tried a different aerial patch lead, did a retune and it lost all the group 2 channels but found group 1 !!!
So, one lead gives me itv etc and the other lead gives me BBC ?

Both leads are factory made ones - very thin coax ?

Can someone please explain ?

Many thanks
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