What C&K Securitech setting do we want if we want our alarm to chill the eff out

12 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Have an ancient C&K Securitech ST802 system, haven't had any issues with it over the years until recently, when we're all working from home and not leaving the house as much. Some setting has caused our alarm to go off every morning this week around 5:30 in the morning, to the consternation of the family. We have no idea what could be causing it (a pigeon? the recent cold snap? We've checked all doors and windows, everything seems in order, and the timing of it is consistently within the same ten-minute window). We disable it each time with our code, so that's not a problem, but ideally we'd like it to just stop doing this, so we can all, you know, sleep past five a.m. Or hell, go off every day if it wants, but at, like, a reasonable seven or eight a.m.

We're happy to reset the system to whichever programme means 'We're home all the time now, cool yer jets' but as many times as I've read this manual, I can't tell if that means I want 'Alarm with Walk Through', 'Alarm & Isolate in Night Set', or 'Alarm, Walk through & Isolate in Night Set', etc. I feel so dumb asking this (why are the instructions so impenetrable??), but I'm hoping someone can tell me which of these options is best for our needs. And do I need to program zones 2 through 7 one by one? (No worries if so, at this point I'll happily plonk through a million numbers and hash tags if that fixes it.) (I'm assuming for Zone 8 that 'Fire' is the least we can do? 'PA' isn't even in the glossary so I have no idea what that one is.)
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As in, when it's going off in the morning? I'll confess I haven't noticed in my bleary-eyed haste to punch in the code! (I can look when it goes off tomorrow, though.) At the moment, however, none of the zones are lit, and the 'Day' button is amber-coloured.
Settings only change via programming, so was the problem around before you started to poke around in the programming or looking in the manual.

the first object is to look at the activation as previously mentioned, I am half expecting it started playing up before you looked at programming if at all and the battery and or panel is defunct and needs replacing as a result.
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We haven't changed any of the settings or programmes since it was installed about twenty years ago, so that's why we've been alarmed (pardon the pun) at it going off recently. I'll replace the battery and see if that sorts it, thanks so much!
How do I know what battery I need for c&k securitech co23-203 and any help on how to change it would be gratefully received

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