What the heck is going on with lime mortar

11 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
PLEEEASE HELP, i need to get this sorted for this coming weekend
I have exposed a brick wall in my kitchen. Im about to repoint it as the motor was pretty bad. Its over 120 years old so need to use lime mortar

Ive read around and everywhere suggests using hydraulic lime rather than hydrated lime (bag lime)
I cant find hydraulic lime ANYWHERE, Im in hammersmith, london. Ive called jeswon, keyline, travis perkins, sellco, every merchant I can think of….noone has any, all they have if bag lime

So if I have to use bag lime what the best way to mix it, 1:3 with sharp sand?
Or do I need to add cement to get it to set properly (I thought the whole point of lime mortar was to avoid cement)

I also read somewhere saying that you should soak the hydrated lime (bag lime) for a few days to make it form a putty

Wtf!!!! This is bloody confusing

Also the wall is about 9 square meter, how much lime/sand/other do I need.

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You can use bagged lime by getting one of these plastic dustbins from any DIY shed (clean) and putting a bag of hydrated lime in and covering with water - stiring and letting it sit for a few days (until weekend will be ok) then adding 3-1 sharpe sand but you should realy leave for 1 month to make a mature lime putty but for repointing it should be ok.

Hydralic lime is for use in heavy construction such as sea defences etc and has less breathing properties than hydrated and also sets much harder

You can order some ready made lime pointing mortar which is the easy way (my fav way) from various places such as

PS dont add cement - its a myth
http://www.thelimecentre.co.uk/ not too far from you in Winchester



they should be able to get it to you by the weekend
Great responce man, i think the dustbin idea is best, will try and get some tomorrow morning.

But also how much lime do i need for a 9-10 square meter wall

you will be fine with 1 bag as the rest you can put on the garden as it puts alkalides back in the soil and you will get bigger plants!!!
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As long as you don`t have lime-hating plants ;)

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