wheel bearing gone again,and again

25 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom

ford transit connect,had front passenger side wheel bearing fail,so took to well known garage, they said hub needs replacing as bearing wrecked it.
ok fair enough, could not source a new one,so agreed one from breakers.

fitted whith new bearing. 12 000 miles, it failed again.

took it back,out of warranty, by over two weeks.

paid up,got it changed again.

about 4000 miles has failed again. by the way after research i heard you need to change the hub nut. well as far as i can see its been the same nut since first replacement bearing.

i know connects have a problem whith front wheel bearings,but this seems a bit more than just a design fualt.

what do you think .

thanks in advance for any help.
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To me, this sounds like a poor quality bearing and/or heavy handed assembly......the bearing needs to be extracted with a press and then pushed in with one - braying it in with a hammer won't do.
Maybe a Ford dealer would honour a 12 month warranty if they did the job - you'd also get a new nut at the same time.
Regarding the nut, so long as its torqued up properly there shouldn't be a problem using it again - so long as its locking method (whatever that is) isn't compromised.
Any damaged hub or wheel would show up as a balance wobble, somewhere along the line.
John :)
i would not know if it was, had tyres changed and balanced, in between the bearing changed, would they have noticed on a wheel balance.
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yes, it could been bashed in, or not torqed up right. as i heard ,the torq setting is critical, 320 nm should be . i would attempte it myself but the tools needed are expensive, torq wrench,32 mm hub socket,ball joint sep,and a bearing puller, add up a bit.
i take it back ,see if i can get it changed under warranty, as cash flow not good, but will get a price of fords for to replace it again later, as i recon it will go again, will buy me some time anyway
update, got bearing replaced under warranty, they recon its the hub thats making the bearing go. So wont be long before it pops again.
so has to be done again,but whith a new swivel hub, but not getting it done by them.
Something is not quite right ..........

Get the whole lot from a breaker, don't touch the bearing and see how long it lasts? You will almost certainly get more than 4000 miles form the secondhand bearing if OK when first fitted, then change the bearing at a later date if it gets noisy.

Change the wheel at the same time you have another 4 to choose from.
They will no longer guarantee the replacement bearing now, because of the second hand hub, that was fitted by them, when the first bearing broke,because the original hub was shot. but now the bearing is failing early there saying its the hub again. so no guarantee on bearing.

only option i got is fords dealer ship,looking at £500 if hub needs changing or do it myself, but tools are dear.
Thats got to be due to some brutality at an earlier date - I'd go for Mursal's suggestion and get a second hand hub complete.
John :)
heard a crack sound below passenger side ,while driving the van a couple of times today. sounds somthing not right.bearing going to pop again. i look in to a compolete hub assembly of breakers.
as for big torque wrench
stand on a standard ratchet.
quick calc torque / your wieght
320Nm/100kg = .032m
you then stand 0.32m from center of bolt
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