Wireless thermostat nightmare

25 May 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I recently moved into a new house which has a British Gas wireless thermostat. I believe the model is WL2. Im able to turn the heating on and off without any issues (as long as it the setting was set as 'on' within the main UT2 single channel timeswitch) however if the programme is left on timed, the heating just doesn't kick in.... even if the desired temp is higher than the room temp shown on the wireless thermostat.

I wasn't sure if it had to be synced again so I took the batteries out of the thermostat but then spent about 2 hours getting the two things to actually sync back. Sometimes it sync, sometimes it didn't. Just been a nightmare.

does anyone know how to get the system to work if you've set your main unit to timer?

Any help would be great!!!! Pics should be attached.


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I have also had problems, not with same model of wireless thermostat, but it did have me pulling my hair out trying to work out what was going on, until the fault got to a very bad stage.

My thermostat gradually over a year lost sensitivity now the thermostat needs to be just 3 foot from the receiver to work, it has now clearly gone faulty, however before it reached this stage I would set it up all working fine, then two weeks latter walk into my mothers house and find it either stinking hot or rather cold due to the thermostats RF link failure. Even when the thermostat was taken closer to the base unit, it still would not work, until the temperature was taken either up and down or down and up depending on if stuck heating or cooling. The Horstmann HRFS1 Programmable Room Thermostat was a failure yet other thermostats of same make had done well in the past.

The Honeywell Y6630D Wireless Room Thermostat was the one originally fitted, although not programmable it is a far better quality, if the base can't see the remote it closes down, the remote sends a signal at regular intervals so if nothing for an hour i.e. flat batteries it closes down, and it when running correctly resends signals so if anything blocks the signal first time around then it will likely still get through latter. It also has an anti hysteresis software so instead of if set at 20°C running boiler until it reaches 20°C it runs boiler until it gets to around 19°C then it starts to stop and start boiler with longer and longer off times until it reaches 21°C so that in the main it does not over shoot or cool too much before firing boiler again. Not sure with eTRV's I really want that feature, but it does to be frank work and hall is kept to exactly the figure set.

So yours could be faulty or it could have anti hysteresis software built in. The Hive and Nest thermostats tell you it has it built in, but the Honeywell just do it. But Honeywell is £119.99 and the Horstmann £66.99 and at first glance it seems the Horstmann does a lot more. I am sure I was unlucky with my Horstmann the non wireless version worked very well, but the one in mothers house was clearly faulty.

It may well be you also have a faulty unit.
So I went to bed last night after finally getting the thermostat and the receiver to pair and set the heating to timed thinking itll never work (as it didn't before). Lo and behold I woke up this morn to find it had actually worked and thehearing now works on timed. I'm glad it's now all working but annoyed why it just wasn't doing it before!!!

Attached is a screen grab of the rest guide I followed. This was from another post some time ago on this site but it worked.

Hope it saves some other people from going grey and swearing a lot!!!!


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My thermostat gradually over a year lost sensitivity now the thermostat needs to be just 3 foot from the receiver to work, it has now clearly gone faulty,

If there is newly installed equipment that is radiating spurious RF energy then that could be ( partially ) blocking the receiver. Transmitter then has to be moved closer to the receiver until the signal from the transmitter is a few db stronger than the spurious RF noise.
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Hope it all works, as to mine I gave up with the Horstmann HRFS1 Programmable Room Thermostat and fitted eTRV's in the two rooms where good control was required, but don't want to use the [URL='http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=1228&awinaffid=58258&clickref=xf&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.screwfix.com%2Fp%2Fhoneywell-y6630d-wireless-room-thermostat%2F84067%3F']Honeywell Y6630D Wireless Room Thermostat to give a boost as one now set to work with a TRV so don't want to lose settings, and two as it will not auto return to standard. So the Horstmann is placed right by the receiver in the kitchen and set 5 times a day to 16°C so if we set it to give us a boost when it reaches the next timed change to reverts to 16°C so we will not forget. Basic thing is not worth removing.[/URL]
I only gave the story in case you were getting something similar.

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