wiring double oven & seperate hob

1 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
I am installing a double oven with seperate hob the oven is rated at 4.1kW & the hob is rated at 5.7kW is it possible connect them together inside the hob use the existing 6mm cable from the cooker switch which is protected by a 30A fuse at the cu

cheers dave :?:
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No, 9.7kw=42+amps so if you were to use the oven & all the rings it would be way overloaded.
securespark said:

Are you forgetting diversity?

Too true, but surely one should look at the use the appliance will actually be put too before applying diversity.

He obviously feels the need for a double oven, so there is a resonable chance both will be used, and as the average hob will be used a couple of rings at a time, I would suggest that perhaps he may use in the region of 35 to 38A at a time if cooking a largish or family meal.

Personally I would suggest that the Hob and double oven units be wired in seperatly as they are seperate devices and it gets around the issue of a problem should one need to be disconnected. In this instance 6mm² would be sufficient.
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jj4091 said:
securespark said:

Are you forgetting diversity?
True, but would you do it?
I wouldnt go by the book, as you end up with stupidity like 13kw cookers on 20 amp MCBs etc.

But a certain amount of leeway is acceptable, IMO. Its highly unlikely that all elements will be burning all the time. (They all operate on thermostats remember) For example, IMO, a 42A appliance is OK on a 30 amp circuit. As the KW goes down, though, the amount of leeway should drop, as there is more chance of FLC being drawn by the appliance.

When you get down to single ovens on their own fuses, however, FLC must be accounted for.
taken your advice going to run in a separate supply for hob from cu using 6mm & 30A fuse
I have now run a separate 6mm2 supply to a cooker connection box via a 45a switch, is it ok now to run 2.5mm2 to the hob which is about 500mm away, as the technical data states (conductors 3 x 2.5mm2)

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