wood cutting circular disk for mini angle grinder wanted

I have used one of those Bosch discs on a small angle grinder, with extreme care, running it along the floor to cut 15mm or so off the bottom of a wooden door before laying some new flooring on which it would otherwise snag. I didn't remove the door and use a circular saw on this occasion because it was a small and crowded flat with no working space and the doors were surprisingly heavy and difficult to refit. I tried first with a multitool but it was taking forever. The Bosch cut was OK though a bit rough. I hate using angle grinders and would not dream of using one with the blade in question freehand.
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Please don't use toothed blades in angle grinders. Son of a friend was very lucky not to lose the use of his arm using one of these. It dug in and ran up his arm making a hell of a mess. Just don't do it.
... the doors were surprisingly heavy and difficult to refit...
Might I suggest anyone wanting to do this buys a couple of cheap Winbags or air wedges to help them? I'm no Charles Atlas (for those too young to know who he was, think of the archetypical muscle man), but today I happily(?) removed and rehung a 50mm solid oak door weighing roughly 90kg on my own, plus several lighter solid core fire doors using a pair of them

Air wedges.jpg
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No I have not used one; but for cutting wood are they as much use as a metal grinder/ cutting blade?
[Reprised] The abrasive material is tungsten carbide grit, NOT teeth. If you want/need to cut metal with a small grinder, want extended life and can put up with a wide kerf then take a look at segmented diamond discs. I often use diamond coated discs like that to "ping off" projecting nails on joists, rafters, etc as well as for shortening lock spindles and the like when installing door ironmongery
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Whether you like it or not! the one thing you can't hide is the body count...
Whether you like it or not! the one thing you can't hide is the body count...
I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. A former colleague actually died of COVID, so I am most definitely NOT a COVID-denier. My comments were merely to highlight that Aston was going OT and that maybe the LoonyBin forum (sorry, General) is where to discuss such topics

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