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10 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Before I start, a note to the mods - I have deliberately posted this in General Chat - please don't move it to the "Computers" section because I'm not looking for a specialised answer from experts, but a general "share of experience" from all others on the forum. OK then...

Just wondering if anyone else has fully received and successfully installed the service pack 2 update for XP?

I heard the hype weeks back, made sure my auto update was configured properly, nothing happened until yesterday. The icon in the taskbar appeared, when I hovered over it it said "Downloading updates, 0%". Stayed at 0% for a good hour (I have 1.5mb broadband). I went out tonight and left the 'puter on - when I came back in I had a message "to finish the update reboot your computer" which I did. Upon rebooting checked control panel and apparently I'm still on service pack 1. Now have the update icon in the taskbar again and still showing 0%.

Can anyone update me what's the score?
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I don't have XP, but HAVE had similar probs with MS updates...
Sorry not on XP.

But did post once ... how to force 'Windows Update' to reinstall 'updates' may sound iffy ... but if the update audit does not hunt files down, but just looks for references in the registry ... some files may have been replaced inadvertantly .. registry says done reality is undone, what then ?
There was no answer to that ... probably reinstall Winds ... There must be a way.

You probably know this place .. can use the catalogue to download updates as opposed to the auto-device ... can list by posted date or name :-

But how you know just what you have ? Look in the 'about' sections ie6 etc may give a lead !!
This must be useful http://www.sp2companion.co.uk/
Am sure Edward M spoke of the huge download involved .. he did promise an update .......
Tis worth sending for the free M$ updates CD
I'm on XP 1.5 broadband with NTL and its identical.

Wheres Igorian these days?
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Although not reported in the public copies of XP service pack 2 there have been issues with the copies for businesses with a lot of problems so much so that they recommend that businesses do not install it as their data is so critical.
I have been running SP2 now for about a month, I've not had any problems whatsoever, just pop up free surfing, and annoying prompts for running activeX controls, which have in the main I have cured. I have also been trialling SP2 at work, where we have to go through it in much more detail, again, apart from a few usability issues no problems. If you have problems downloading, I would suggest that as an alternative you could buy a computer magazine, one with a CD attached, this will almost certainly have SP2 on it. Good luck.
Hi Ninebob

I tried to instal SP2 a few weeks back by downloading it (via MS prompting). It took about 45 mins to complete - I am running on the 256k low-octane broadband. Everything seemed fine for a day or so afterwards but the day after this the machine failed to boot up. I called MS and we got the thing going under "safety" mode and deleted the SP2 update, returned to SP1 and was told that they would send me a CD-Rom of SP-2(improved). I received this within about ten days.

I have not yet installed it as I saw a post from AdamW saying it might be wise to wait 'til probs are removed. Might try now though. What I am saying is that you can get the SP2 CD_Rom (free) from MS if you have SP1. I don't know if this is exactly the same version as those which are given away with the mags. Might be worth finding out from MS. ;)

From here !! http://www.sp2companion.co.uk/
First, you get an installer program, which runs and then downloads the rest of the update. Windows Update can seem to provide a very small footprint for its Service Packs, but this is just the size of the installer. The big download follows.

Could this have been your problem 45P ? P'raps you only got the 'downloader' hence the non-event !
With due respect .. bit dodgy to leave an iffy update to it's own devices

M$ have been providing a free cd of updates for some period now, I have one for Win98se up to Oct 2003 .. So will help on reinstall ( took 10 days following on-line order )


Followed pip and -dj-'s link and evrything's now completed and tickety-boo :D

Have a virtual pint- thank you!
Ninebob: Right, it is fine now, but can you let us know if it all goes t1ts-up within the next few days :?: Thanksalot ;)
ninebob said:
Have a virtual pint- thank you!

I know I didn't deserve one, but I nicked a virtual pint, and found it was virtually all gone......
Sorry SS but lost my gzunda ... you didn't drink from that did you .. a virtual pizzpot ;)
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