XP won`t boot on new PC

7 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I took the harddrive out of my old PC & put it into the new one, but XP just won`t boot. Bios detects the drive & the boot file & then a stop error on a blue screen pops up & then the PC reboots itself. I`ve been through all of the bios settings & disabled & enabled different settings but XP refuses to boot. I put the drive back into my old PC & XP booted fine, so i`m guessing XP isn`t liking something, but how do I get around the problem so I can get it to boot?

The harddrive is a 40gb Seagate ST340810 & the m/board is the Intel 925XECV2.

Can anyone help as i`m unable to use my new PC

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You're attempting something that Microsoft doesn't support - you can't expect this to work, although in practise it often does.

You have three choices:

1. Having determined which driver is causing the problem, put the HDD in the new PC, and, if you can boot to safe mode, do so and then install the appropriate drivers for your new PC;

2. Connect the drive to a different, and functioning, PC, and do something incredibly adventurous with the Registry;

3. Backup all essential files and then run a Windows XP setup in 'repair' mode, on the new PC.
XP won`t start in any mode, so i`ll try the third option, but i`m looking at bigger drive so I might just fit a new drive & start from the beginning
Yes, you will need to do a repair install of Windows in order to get it to work on the new hardware. Note, you don't want to repair using recovery console.

Another option is to install a clean version of Windows (to another drive) and then use the files and settings transfer wizard to put "everything" back to how it was. If choosing the latter, and if you are using an OEM version of Windows, you will have to contact Microsoft for a new activation code. This is generally painless, but if asked, just say that your old drive packed up. The OEM version is supplied for one machine only, which is one reason for it's lower price. The retail version doesn't have this restriction. Links on how to use the wizard can be found with google, but here's one to get you started. This might help if you are just going to move the drive.
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I have the retail version of XP & is a repair install the same as re-installing XP over an existing copy of XP when you screw things up?
Basically yes, but not the same as replacing the O/S, which is what happens if you don't press "R" to recover (The second occurrence of "R"). System files that formulate the hardware extraction layer (which is preventing you booting from the new system) are replaced and recompiled, and some basic functions may be restored. Data & installed programs should remain intact.

Edit. You obviously need to boot from the XP CD and "press spacebar to boot from CD", if prompted.
Looked up the second link you gave me & says that after a change of m/b you shouldn`t try to boot XP straight away! oops! :rolleyes:
post deleted - I misunderstood your post.
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