17 ways to spruce up your home this Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday, which can only mean one thing – time for DIY.

Courtesy of interior designer Homewings.co.uk, here are some handy tips for ways to spruce up your home with minimal hassle.

First impressions count

As soon as the spring weather is here and the first long weekend knocks on the door, you’ll find me cleaning up my front yard, and, believe it or not, the facade of the house. After a long and wet Winter, you’ll find your beautiful Victorian tiled entry path has gotten all mossy and grubby and even your window sills will have these dreary looking greyish drip traces coming out from underneath. So there’s nothing like a good scrub followed by freshening up your planters with some nice new shrubs and pruning your hedge. It is highly gratifying; first impressions matter after all! – Cornelia de Ruiter, Homewings founder and interior designer

Freshen up with flowers

Welcome spring by buying some lovely fresh flowers. Place them somewhere you’ll walk past often! Fresh flowers smell lovely, are beautiful and are an instantaneous home improvement! Use Daffodils for that added Easter feeling – Charlie Thomas

Sort storage – and be brutal

Get tidying to sort out all the items in storage we keep needlessly in our homes. For instance, go through the wardrobes in all bedrooms and cupboards in the kitchen and living room, throwing out what you don’t need to welcome in new items and accessories. It is unbelievable how we store unnecessary items and furniture at our homes – Hatice Ozhisar

Find your own feature

I really love having a feature in my home that I can re-decorate depending on the time of your year! I recommend a metal ornament tree, you can get these for tables or free-standing. They are fab as they look really authentic and it’s fun to swap the decorations around every so often and this time to add a feel of Easter to your home. Having such a focal feature also allows you to get creative if you feel like making your own, or have kids to help. Get some fun cushions too that really add the feeling of sunshine – Kirsty Whitfield

Make time to see more clearly

Clean your windows. When the weather is warm enough to open the windows fully, it’s time to clean the glass and get into the corners. Swap curtains as well. Drapes seal in the heat, so change your drapes to sheer muslin or to curtains, which still provide privacy but let in loads of light – Raj Patil

Bring the outdoors inside

Adding plants and flowers to your home is such an easy, but important, way to add colour, texture and scent to a room without any fuss. Tulips, Pussy Willow or branches of Apple Blossom will shout out spring, or make a statement with Cacti, Banana Leaves or Palms.If you’re not green fingered, go faux. Spring though is all about the world around us. With everyone more conscious about their local environment, there is a great demand for handmade artisan goods and a clear sense of being connected to the craftsman – so take inspiration from, and support, UK artists, designers and makers – Katherine Ogilvie

Pillow talk

Never underestimate the power of new cushion and pillow covers! Switch out your dark, wintery couch toppers for brighter alternatives. It is an easy way to bring a fresh new vibe to any space! Think: bright mustard cushion covers, or fresh white bedding – Natasha Birley, Homewings lead interior designer

Turn towards the light

As the sun is starting to come out much more frequently, maximise the natural light in your home to give it a refreshed feeling! The easiest way to do this is to use reflective surfaces, so try positioning a mirror near to a window and the natural light will bounce from it and reflect around the room to create a beautiful sun-soaked home! The mirror opens-up smaller rooms, giving the effect of a larger space! – Charlie Thomas

Smells like spring

Freshen up your house with some essential oils. I love using citrus scents like lemon and orange. An easy way to spread the smell throughout the house is to put a few drops in water on the hob and let it boil away – Cassandra Hall

Create your dream scenario

Change over the bed linen from winter’s chunky blankets and throws to light summery quilts and covers. Also try adding new, delicious smelling soaps and scents such as those from Daylesford and create the dream of a luxe holiday with a fab Slim Aarons printBenita Barretto

Plant your way to happiness

Not everyone loves replacing fresh flowers so there are some really beautiful and authentic silk flowers from The Secret Garden Company. They do some amazing bunches, which last and last! Then it is all about the smell of spring so add some diffusers around the house. I love The White Company’s Lime and Bay and also Seychelles for fresh scents. You could also jump on the succulent Air Plant bandwagon! They are air purifying plants that make the atmosphere in your home feel much more alive. I love the Gasworthia plant and also the Areca palm is great for this too – Kirsty Whitfield

Don’t put off those new purchases

Renew your old furniture and layout your rooms differently. Once you have cleaned, tidied and sorted you can easily see what new ideas, furniture and accessories you need to spruce up your home. For example, it may inspire you to buy something new for the kitchen now there is extra space or replace that old armchair with the new one you have been thinking about since autumn. This refreshing feeling is the perfect association with the spirit of spring – Hatice Ozhisar

Grab your paintbrush for touch-ups

Paint! Most home renovation projects seem daunting and time-consuming but painting can be both effective and enjoyable. Just a simple touch-up of your paintwork can make your home feel more refined and new! One tip is to paint skirting and door frames a crisp white, this will really make the rest of your paintwork stand out and give your whole room a fresh feeling! – Charlie Thomas

Get the imagination going

If you live in a city, why not bring a little piece of summer into your home with large photograph prints of beautiful beaches, far, far away. This will brighten up any space, serving as a makeshift window into a dreamy vacation (not to mention, it is infinitely cheaper than a plane ticket to the Caribbean!) – Natasha Birley, Homewings lead interior designer

Splash plenty of colour around

Paint any old furniture. Choose a sunny shade or pretty pastel to refresh a wooden coffee table or a chair, which then adds a new accent to the room. Add a burst of colour to a neutral space too. While white and grey can be calming, there is nothing like a shot of colour to cheer you up. It could simply be a new cushion, lampshade, blind or splash of paint behind the shelves. It’s easy and cost effective – Raj Patil

Shake up your outdoors

Shake out rugs, cushions and blankets outside to get rid of any dust build up. Then while you are outside, if you have a garden or even just a balcony, create or refresh an outdoor dining area so you’re ready for that BBQ as soon as the sun comes out. Add a few bright outdoor cushions to your table and chairs with some candle lanterns and plant pots dotted around – Cassandra Hall

Go all tropical

Spring is the time of year to showcase breezy fabrics. The influence this year is tropical motifs – palm fronds and exotic plant patterns are everywhere – as well as geometric prints.But if neither of those are for you, add a splash of colour in a more pared back way. Large stacks of towels in an invigorating colour is an easy and thrifty way to brighten up your bathroom. New cushions and a soft throw will give armchairs and sofas a cheerful, easy facelift or treat yourself and buy some new bedding to freshen up your bedroom. Don’t forget to check Instagram as there’s so much inspiration to be found there – Katherine Ogilvie