All round yours for a cuppa

It’s National Tea Drinking Day – and when it comes to making a house a home, tea had been found to be a vital ingredient.

Research by online retailer Wayfair found that 83.5 per cent of people welcome guests into their home by immediately offering them a fresh cuppa.

The study also found that the words most commonly used to describe home are comfort, relaxation, warmth and security – are all synonymous with the feelings we get from drinking a cup of tea.

Marco Geraghty, director of National Tea Day, said: “When people drink a coffee they are looking for an energy boost but drinking tea is something very different. A cup of tea soothes us and helps us to stay calm which in turn creates a warm and welcoming environment in our homes. Tea has become intrinsic to the meaning of home and a house simply wouldn’t be a home without it.”