Amateur chefs cooking on gas thanks to inspirational TV programmes

Britain is enjoying experiencing a home cooking boom with amateur chefs finding inspiration from cooking programmes on TV, according to new research.

E-tailer is reporting a 117 per cent increase in sales of kitchen gadgets following the launch of this year’s Masterchef at the end of March.

A survey by the brand found almost half (49 per cent) of UK adults are inspired to cook more at home when they watch TV programmes such as Masterchef and TheGreat British Bake Off.

Furthermore, 47 per cent said they have followed in their favourite chefs’ footsteps and cooked a new recipe they had first seen on TV, while 39 per cent said they have bought a kitchen gadget or cooking appliance after seeing it on their favourite cooking programme.

The survey also found Brits are polishing up on their skills and techniques thanks to the on-screen inspiration, as 35 per cent say they have learnt something new after watching a TV cooking programme and 1 in 4 have even discovered a new ingredient.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct, said: “Every year, we see a sales spike in the weeks that follow the launch of both Masterchef and GBBO, but this year the surge is particularly high. We also see an upward sales trend as the seasons draw to a close, suggesting those who have enjoyed watching are ready to try it for themselves.”