Avoid moving costs by creating own dream home

With average costs totalling £12,000, moving house can cost a pretty penny. That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to stay put and improve their current home instead.

To help people get their dream home, consumer resource Checkatrade has now compiled a list of the best ways to smarten up your property.

The most obvious way to create more space is to build an extension, which could be a cost-effective choice when balanced against the cost of moving, which includes estate agent fees, stamp duty and solicitor costs.

But if the thought of a major building project is slightly overwhelming, other options include redesigning the internal layout of the property. Moving or replacing interior walls can often create more usable space, maximising the area that’s already available.

If moving is the best option to get that perfect home, there are ways to ensure a swift sale, according to Checkatrade.

Taking the time to repair leaking taps, damaged kitchen cupboards or adding a lick of paint to living areas are all quick ways to boost sale appeal.

Checkatrade founder and CEO Kevin Byrne said: “A major reason many people cite when looking to move home is that they need more space. However, with a bit of creative thinking it is often possible to maximise the space they have.”