AXA has Grand Designs for renovating garden sheds

The cost and effort of renovating garden sheds is putting off the
nation’s gardeners from reclaiming this popular space, according to
research from AXA.

The study found 65 per cent of households with gardens have a shde, but just 30 per cent were described as being in a good condition.

Some 55 per cent also admitted they only used their sheds for general storage.

However, if money was no object, 21 per cent said they would convert the space into a workshop, 17 per cent as an exercise area and 12 per cent would use it for relaxing.

As a result, AXA Insurance has partnered with Grand Designs Live by sponsoring this year’s Grand Shed Project, which is encouraging the nation to reclaim the often neglected garden shed.

When looking to extend their homes, 14 per cent of people said they want to build an outbuilding such as a shed, which they would spend an average of £908 on.

Given an unlimited budget, 19 per cent of people would choose to update their sheds with a “modern” décor whilst another 19 per cent would choose a “rustic” theme, showing that even if money was no object there would still be a real divide in tastes.

So what motivates us? Fifty-two per cent cite taking pride in their home as the main reason they start a new garden project, followed by 26 per cent who consider it a hobby and 25 per cent who want to get back to nature.

Here are some of the Grand Shed Project finalists’ top tips for renovating the humble garden shed:

  • “When deciding on how to decorate a shed, my number one tip would be – forget it’s a shed! Think of it as a room in your house, doing this will broaden your vision of what this four-walled outdoor room could be.” – Dappled Interiors, Reading Snug
  • “Sheds by their nature are generally on the small side, so it is a great idea to consider furniture, lighting and storage to be wall hung or suspended to try and free up the floor space and give the illusion of more room.” – KG Lifestyle & Interiors, Boutique Bedroom
  • “Depending on how you plan use the shed, make sure you look to the immediate landscape it’s connected to and try to let this inform the interior design; from plant selection to materials, a lot can be brought inside.” – The Garden Designer, Bringing the Outdoors In
  • “Think what you want to use the space for and plan your layout on paper first. Also, if you want to be able to use your shed all year round, think about insulation and heating.” – Garden Hideouts, South Beach Miami

AXA Insurance will be attending Grand Designs Live at the Excel, London between 29 April and 7 May where they will be sponsoring the Grand Shed Project feature. To find out more, follow #GrandShedProject on social media or visit: