Bricking it: how Lego is taking over home decoration

Since it was established in 1949, Lego has become one of the world’s biggest brands. But while it is famous for its miniature construction sets, it’s now becoming part of everyday home improvement – as these images show.

When it comes to home decor, many homeowners like to think outside the box, exploring some rather unusual and creative ideas. Lego is a versatile and dynamic design tool which can be used to create some amazing home additions. With quirky property designs emerging as a new trend, Lego decor has been seen popping up in more and more homes, adding colour and unique style to properties.

Stephen Jury, from Plentiful, commented: “People are always looking for new and exciting ways to revamp their homes, and Lego has provided just the tool for homeowners to design their own unique decorations around the house. With hundreds of different colours and shapes, carrying out decoration work using Lego bricks provides unlimited options and ensures each design is customised to the homeowners taste.”

Here are a few examples:

Lego Staircase Banister

It’s not just home accessories that are getting the Lego makeover. This loft in Chelsea, New York, had its own bespoke staircase banister made entirely out of Lego pieces; nearly 20,000 to be exact. The creative design even features custom windows, inspired by Mondrian, which double up both as handy shelves for extra storage and as a funky play space to create mini Lego scenes.

(Credit: Travis Mark)

Lego Key Holder

As well as furniture, Lego bricks can be used for practical purposes around the home, like this functional key holder. Always misplacing your keys? This clever idea works by clipping Lego blocks looped onto your keyring to a Lego backboard. The design of these Lego bricks means they can also click together if you have more than one key, as well as looking fun and quirky. Customisation of this handy holder can include changing the words, the colours used, or even the size of the backboard to accommodate as many keys as you desire.

(Credit: Felix Grauer)

Lego Kitchen Splashback

This Lego kitchen splashback is a great way to inject colour to the room in a fun and unique way. The use of different size bricks means adding little details such as functioning windows and doors is easy, and due to the structure of the bricks, keeping features like wall sockets exposed for that all important coffee maker is simple. You could take this one step further by designing a food themed pattern to decorate your walls, or even use the basic idea to add a touch of colour to your living room by running a line of Lego bricks along the skirting board.

(Credit: MOnkiStuff)

Lego Tissue Box

Feeling under the weather? Cheer yourself up with this brightly coloured Lego tissue box. If you build the cover around an original box, leaving out the base, you can slip this over a new box when it runs out. No need for any deconstruction when re-stocking your tissues.

Of course, it would be easy to take it one step further: instead of enclosing the top, leave it open, add a few more layers, and hey presto! You’ll have a completely new design fit for all those lovely spring flowers, ideal for freshening up your home.