Bring the indoors out this summer

Every year when spring comes around, people are tempted by the warmer weather and are inspired to take on new garden projects and tackle those uncompleted ones. With some top tips from James Grace Decking, a new outdoor space can be one new addition to a garden.

For homeowners and landscapers alike, installing a decking is a great way to create a functional, long-lasting and enjoyable outdoor space. From family areas and children’s playing spaces, through to BBQ zones and mood lighting for the adults, a decking in your garden is the perfect solution to creating an ideal outdoor space.

Aligned to predicted trends for curved areas alongside existing features such as tiered decks, single platform decks, lighting, balustrades and glass, the team at market-leading design business, James Grace, has recently launched their new James Grace Decking brand, a high-end bespoke decking solution uniquely tailored to every home and outdoor space.

Whilst there will always be the initial questions on the shape, material and planning of the deck, the process is certainly not as complicated as it can immediately seem.

The experts at James Grace Decking have put together a few simple steps to ease the process and aid you in your choices:

  • Permission: As a starting point, make sure that you have studied all the local building codes to ensure that all planning permission is requested where necessary.
  • Positioning and design: It is important to decide where you would like your decking to be placed.
  • Base: Creating a solid base for your decking is key to ensure a stable structure. The substructure of the decking is as vital as the decking installation itself.
  • Fastener: It is important to consider whether you would prefer to use nails or screws and visible or hidden fastening systems when securing your decking for exterior products.

To spare yourself from the time-consuming hassles and night-awakening DIY worries, James Grace Decking can help you with a full design and installation. Prices vary dependent on the size of the project but you will receive a free designer service and a 10-year guarantee every time. For more information please contact James Grace Decking by calling 0800 612 8675 or send an email to [email protected].