By George! New builds miss top spot among dream homes

While a new build can provide everything a new homeowner would want, they fail to top the property charts as most people would prefer to buy a Georgian home.

Despite new builds boasting increased efficiency and a clean, modern look, the Georgian detached home came out as the most popular property style according to research from

The results found almost a quarter (23 per cent) stated that they would prefer to live in this type of building, which date from 1714-1830, than any other.

Modern and new build homes scored 15 per cent, ahead of eco-homes (13 per cent), pre-Georgian (10 per cent) and Edwardian (nine per cent).

With just two per cent of the votes, 1950’s post-war flats were found to be the least desirable style of property to live in. Built originally as a solution to city expansions which threatened surrounding countryside, these buildings are composed of large sections of exposed concrete.

But though Georgian properties may have come top of the list, modern features got the biggest thumbs up from Brits. A walk-in shower proved to be the most attractive interior feature (54 per cent) with underfloor heating (40 per cent) and exposed brick (19 per cent) also making the list.

However, some traditional features remain popular, such as bay windows (49 per cent) and original fireplaces (46 per cent).

Interior stylist Anna Straw said: “A recently upgraded bathroom will appeal to buyers, and the chic, minimalist, boutique hotel look can easily be achieved with new fittings such as a power shower and impressive showerhead. These relatively low cost upgrades could add as much as three per cent onto the house value.”