Colour’s the key for cooking up a fresh kitchen

Island cooktops, wine coolers and flat screen TVs might be among the most sought after features of a brand new kitchen – but it’s the colour that can make or break even the best designed spaces.

No longer simply a place to prepare food, kitchens have now more commonly enjoyed as communal spaces for families to spend time together.

But to maximise the space, colour choice is key – which is why kitchen retailer Magnet has offered up its expert tips for using colour to design a new kitchen or to refresh the space.

Decide on your backdrop colour: White is a great background colour choice due to its versatility – it works with pretty much every other colour. Pairing your white cabinets with a bright hue or eye-catching splash back will really make the colour prominent. Grey is another popular base colour due to its unfussy finish.

Don’t overdo it: While using bold colours is a great way to be daring and make your kitchen stand out, you shouldn’t use more than three different shades – any more than this and the room will look cluttered rather than themed. Applying the 70/20/10 rule will help to keep you on track – go for 70 per cent of the lightest shade, 20 per cent of the second lightest and ten per cent for the darkest shade.

Consider natural lighting: When choosing the colour scheme, make sure you consider how much natural light there is in your kitchen. If the room is north facing, then steer clear of darker hues, as this will make the room feel cramped and gloomy.