Couples see red with rows over paint colour

Though there’s nothing quite as satisfying than ticking off a list of DIY jobs, it seems the path to happiness can be less than harmonious as one in four couples argue over home improvements.

Couples disagree most over the colour of paint (12 per cent), while wallpaper design and interior decor ranked second, with eight per cent of respondents admitting to arguing over these topics.

The survey from home services marketplace also discovered lighting and garden landscaping have both caused rows between six per cent of couples, while five per cent also admitted to arguing over a kitchen’s design, as well as the look of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Meanwhile, couples were found to argue the most in Edinburgh, where 37 per cent admit to having confrontations in the past. In contrast, Brighton was found to be the most harmonious, as only 10 per cent of couples have argued over home improvements in the south coast city.

Liverpool was found to have the highest number of couples arguing over the colour of paint with 21 per cent, while the results also showed that couples in London argue slightly more over home improvements than the national average.

Plentific spokesman Stephen Jury said: “It’s not all doom and gloom as the majority of couples do not argue when carrying out a project. The beauty of home improvements is that you can always update them!”