Gadget gets the Dragon’s seal of approval

Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Peter Jones is backing a new portable gas stove described as the must-have gadget of the summer.

When inventor Spencer Turner first appeared on the BBC hit show with Tegstove, his innovative portable gas stove, he very quickly received three offers of investment following a nervous but impressive pitch. 

Dragons Jones, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman all made offers but Turner chose to accept Jones’ offer of £45,000 for a 25 per cent share of the business. Since then, Turner has been busy getting Tegstove into production with the support of his well-connected multi-millionaire investor in anticipation of today’s official launch.

As well as cooking, Tegstone also has the capability to charge mobile phones, cameras, tablets and many other devices that connect to a standard USB port, all in one simple to use gadget.

Turner explains: “As a team we’ve created a camping stove superior to anything else out there right now and one that eliminates all of the usual frustrations. Efficiency, reliability, portability and safety were at the top of the wish list and the beauty of Tegstove is it meets all of these requirements with great simplicity. Three adjustable legs provide a stable platform across 300mm of ground, so no worries about it toppling over, the heat is distributed over a wide cooking area too so you won’t just burn everything in the middle of the pan and it uses widely available, cost effective and clean-burning butane gas.”

Jones said: “Spencer has developed a product with a genuine unique selling point which has a significant advantage over the competition. Previously, campers and outdoor enthusiasts have had to carry multiple pieces of heavy kit around to ensure they can cook efficiently and power their devices. Tegstove is the ultimate camping stove because not only is it a high quality stove it is also a gas-powered charging innovation that solves all of these issues and more.”

Having won numerous contracts with leading retailers keen to stock this unique and cleverly designed product, Tegstove is now readily available to purchase via numerous outlets including Cotswold Outdoors, Millets, Blacks, Go Outdoors, OutdoorGB, Sports Direct (Field & Trek), Total Fishing Tackle and at multiple outlets online and is anticipated to be the must-have camping gadget this year.