Hot tub awards make a splash

Those who believe luxury and relaxation go hand in hand will be keen
to discover the winners of this year’s British Pool and Hot Tub Awards.

The event is hosted by the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) and the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) to showcase the wet leisure industry.

Among the winners were Portrait Pools and Enclosures (based in Cheshire) who won eight SPATA awards, Cannings H20 (from Devon) who picked up two SPATA awards and three BISHTA awards. Not to be outdone, North Spas (from Durham), Hot Tub Suppliers (Leicestershire) and Hydropool Devon all came away with two BISHTA Gold awards apiece.

The 2017 SPATA award winners:

Residential Outdoor Pools £20,000 to under £40,000 (sponsored by Plastica)
Gold: Rockingham Swimming Pools

Residential Outdoor Pools over £40,000 to under £75,000 (sponsored by OASE)
Gold: New Dawn Pools
Silver: Asher Swimpool Centre
(Joint) Bronze: Tanby Pools
(Joint) Bronze: Mermaid Swimming Pools
(Joint) Bronze: XL Pools

Residential Outdoor Pools £75,000 to under £125,000 (sponsored by Pollet Pool Group)
Gold: Tanby Pools
Silver: XL Pools
Bronze: Westcountry Leisure Pools

Residential Outdoor Pools Over £125,000 (sponsored by Fi-Clor)
Gold: Westcountry Leisure Pools
Silver: Gillingham Pools
Bronze: Rio Pool Constructionn Co

Residential Outdoor Pools With and Enclosure
Gold: New Dawn Pools

Residential Indoor Pools Under £100,000 (sponsored by Sprayed Concrete Solutions)
Gold: Origin Leisure
Silver: Grayfox Swimming Pools
(Joint) Bronze: XL Pools
(Joint) Bronze: Tanby Pools

Residential Indoor Pools £100,000 to under £150,000
Gold: A19 Pools and Spas
(Joint) Silver: Portrait Pools and Enclosures
(Joint) Silver: Portrait Pools and Enclosures
Bronze: Origin Leisure

The 2017 BISHTA award winners:

Residential Hot Tubs Below £7,000
(Joint) Gold: Castle Hot Tubs
(Joint) Gold: Cannings H20
Silver: A5 Spas

Residential Hot Tubs £7,000 to £14,000
Gold: North Spas
Silver: Euphoria Lifestyle
(Joint) Bronze: Falcon Pools
(Joint) Bronze: Welsh Hot Tubs

Residential Hot Tubs £14,000 and Over
Gold: North Spas
Silver: Welsh Hot Tubs
(Joint) Bronze: Euphoria Lifestyle
(Joint) Bronze: Hydropool Devon

Swim and Exercise Spas
Gold: Hydropool Devon
Silver: Silver
Bronze: A5 Spas

Hot Tubs Change Lives
Gold: Hot Tub Suppliers

Hot Tubs in a Holiday Setting
Gold: Cannings H20
Silver: North Spas
(Joint) Bronze: Cannings H20
(Joint) Bronze: Hot Tub Suppliers

Hot Tub Happiness
Gold: Hot Tub Suppliers
Silver: A5 Spas

Showroom of the Year
Gold: Hydropool Devon
Silver: A5 Spas
Bronze: Euphoria Lifestyle

Best Use of Digital Media
Gold: Euphoria Lifestyle
Silver: North Spas
Bronze: Hot Tub Suppliers