LeakBot motors into More Th>n homes

More Th>n insurance customers are set to be offered the chance to trial a new water leak detector that sends alerts straight to your smartphone.

Home assistance provider HomeServe has partnered with More Th>n owner RSA to roll out LeakBot – a smart connected water leak detector.

LeakBot claims to help protect against water damage and leaks in the home, which are the second biggest driver of home insurance claims. A leak in the home can cause major disruption and distress for householders, especially as leaks are often hidden with water escaping slowly over a long period of time meaning homeowners often aren’t aware there is an issue until it is too late.

The device solves the problem of hidden leaks by detecting them anywhere on the mains water supply in a home, before they exacerbate into bigger, potentially damaging problems.

It uses Thermi-Q technology and can be installed easily by clipping the LeakBot to a pipe near the stopcock. It monitors the mains water supply 24/7 to detect and alert customers via their smartphones to issues such as dripping taps, hidden leaks on pipes and taps being left running.

Customers can then choose to access on-demand repair assistance from HomeServe.

Martin Bennett, CEO, HomeServe Membership, said; “LeakBot is having a massive impact on the insurance industry, offering a real solution to the huge issue of water leak damage not only for consumers, but also insurers. HomeServe is thrilled to announce this partnership with major insurer, RSA Group to offer LeakBot through its More Th>n brand.

“Connected home innovation that will help make life easier for Customers is a key focus for us, and it’s clear RSA Group share a similar vision. We are excited to see more people benefitting from LeakBot by working with RSA Group and are hoping to attract more partners in the future.”

LeakBot was designed and created by HomeServe Labs, in Walsall in the West Midlands, and is on general sale for £149.